Exclamation Installing AW on a HP Veer

I got a Veer laying around doing nothing, but since its pretty small I was thinking about installing AW on it. There were a couple android builds for it an it ran wheel but the small screen made it a pain to use. The problem here is getting AW to work on it.


It has a snapdragon S2 MSM7230 and 512MB of RAM which is not that far from the Gwatch, maybe I could use a build from that one?. Problem could be the screen which is 320 x 400 pixels, while all the other AW watches have a 1:1 ratio with resolutions of 280x280 or 320x320.

I don't expect the qwerty keyboard to work but I would like the mic and speaker so I can write messages and stuff. I think it had NFC but I don't know if that and cameras are supported by AW yet.

Anyone got a Veer too? you can pick one for next to nothing.