Default [HOW-TO]Connect to Android Wear Emulator without USB

So my phone's USB jack is broken, so I thought about ADB over WiFi...

(Requires Rooted Phone/Tablet)

Step 1:

Start the Android Wear Emulator, this usually takes a while for me, so it's best to start it while you prepare everything.

Step 2:

Download an ADB WiFi app OR check Devleoper Options for an ADB over Network option and enable it.

Step 3:

Go to where the SDK's ADB is /path/to/sdk/folder then go to platform-tools, hold Shift and right click and select "Open command window here"

Step 4:

adb.exe connect
in the command window and accept the connection on your Phone.

Step 5:

Once the emulator is loaded, run
adb.exe -s forward tcp:5601 tcp:5601
in the command window.

Step 6:

Install the Android Wear app from Google Play, launch it and press the menu key and select Pair With Emulator

If all went well, it should say "Connected", if not close the app and try again.

Hope this helps.