Default "Wake me up" wont stop waking me up

I set a wake up reminder on my G watch a few days ago to take a nap, and now every single day at that same time it wakes me up as if it's on some kind of repeating schedule. It doesnt show up as a classic reminder because the "wake me up" command is unique to itself and isnt listed anywhere. I've tried rebooting both my watch and phone to clear any sort of cache that is looping this reminder, but it's getting really annoying now. Anyone have any idea how to permanently disregard something like this?

SOLUTION: Ok I finally found it, I had to ask it to "show alarms" and then delete them all from there. The alarm apparently isnt sync'd with your phone and exists solely on the watch. I would think saying something like "wake me up in an hour" would just be a one time thing, but the way Android Wear handles this is that it calculates 1 hour as being 60 minutes from now (1:03pm for example) and thus creates a recurring alarm for 1:03pm every single day forever.