Post [APP][3.0+]MoodTools - Depression Aid 1.0

Hi XDA Developers Forum!

I just released my first android app - MoodTools. It's a free application aimed at helping people suffering from clinical depression. Either outside of treatment or within treatment. Please let me know if you have any feedback or comments that you have, because I'm definitely looking to improve this app with future updates and I'll try to reply to every post! As a bit of background, I'm an undergrad and started learning how to code 3 months ago. Then over the past 2 months, I worked with a small team of peers and mental health professionals to create this app.

If you are feeling sad, anxious, or depressed, let MoodTools help you feel better. MoodTools is an application designed to help you combat depression and alleviate your negative moods, guiding you towards the road to recovery.

MoodTools contains several different research-supported tools. They include:

Thought Diary - Change your emotions by identifying negative and distorted thinking patterns based on principles from cognitive therapy

ReMotivate - Regain your motivation through this unique activity-based tool based on behavioral activation therapy

Safety Plan - Develop a suicide safety plan and find emergency resources in case of a suicidal crisis

Information - Read depression information, self-help tips, and find internet-based resources

Test - Take the PHQ-9 depression questionnaire and track your symptom severity over time

Video - Discover helpful YouTube videos that can improve your mood and behavior, from guided meditations to TED talks


We want permission for the phone so we can launch the phone dialer with a number already entered in it for the safety plan portion of the application. No phone call can be made without going through a minimum of 3 taps: 1. Tap the 'Call' button within the safety plan app, 2. Tap the OK button the Dialog, 3. Tap the Call icon in the phone diaer.

Download it here!