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[APP][2.3+]DroidShows: 2015 Reboot of DroidSeries TV Show Tracker

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By ltGuillaume, Senior Member on 26th January 2015, 04:30 PM
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This fork of DroidSeries adds quite a bunch of features, among which an improved design, a menu overflow button, quick search, swiping gestures, more show information, backup/restore, double episode entries clean-up, faster updating, cover and fan art view, a modern launcher icon and it speeds up responsiveness significantly by (more) efficient SQL queries and some threading.
DroidShows can now be found in the F-Droid Repository.

New Features
Shows Overview:
+ Showing "[aired unwatched] of [total unwatched]"
+ Added icon ic_menu_view for show/hide toggled
+ Status of show in details, and in overview if show is not continuing
+ If show position changed, scroll back to show after [Mark next episode as seen] and Seasons list
+ Option in [About] to only update shows' last season
+ Context item to view show details on IMDb
+ Tap cover for show info, long-press for IMDb details
+ Swipe right-to-left to mark next episode as seen (shows confirmation toast)
+ Option to include specials in unwatched count
+ Mark next episode seen via swipe now vibrates
+ Undo function (until exit)
+ Showing middot when all new episodes are aired
+ New show & episode details views
+ View full size poster and fan art
+ Quick search (filter)
* Sorting shows by first unseen episode
* Clarified toggle and sort options
* Not showing "null" entries from DB
* Posters now fill row height, aspect ratios independent of screen's

Seasons/Episodes list:
+ Showing "[aired] of [season episodes]"
+ Aired date in episodes list
+ Click on episode title for details, on checkmark to change seen state
* Big performance improvement for entirely rewritten Seasons activity: is now almost instant

Add show:
+ Icon resized rate_star_med_on_holo_dark for added shows
+ Icon ic_menu_add for new shows
* Fixed search not working after initial search
* Centered icons vertically in search results
- No large-size posters are saved to save space in /data/data/

* Prevent double episodes

+ [Clean database] in About to remove double episodes post hoc
+ Menu (overflow) button should show up in Android 3.0+
+ Dutch translation
+ Translucent background
+ Swipe left-to-right acts as back button
+ Animations that help understand the app's structure
* Date/time format according to locale
* Big performance improvement for Overview activity: is almost instant (values are kept up-to-date in series table)
* Some progress dialogs cancelable
* Update of all shows continues when navigating away from DroidSeries
* Screen off/rotating screen/navigating away from app during update poses no problems anymore
* [Exit] removes app from memory
* Fixed UI glitches/styles
* Code clean-up (all layouts revised)
Some pointers:
  • Long-press items for more options
  • Don't forget to update all shows regularly
  • Long-press items for more options
  • Swipe left-to-right to go back
    In Shows Overview:
  • Tap poster for show info
  • Long-press poster for next episode's IMDb
  • Swipe right-to-left to mark as seen
    In Show Details:
  • Tap poster for full-screen view
  • Click full-screen poster image for fan art
    In Show/Episode Details:
  • Tap IMDb rating to view in IMDb App when installed, or on IMDb's mobile webpage

DroidShows v5.1 (Jun 28, 2015)
2010 Carlos Limpinho, Paulo Cabido under GPLv3
Modified by Mikael Berthe
2014-2015 Guillaume under GPLv3
New icon file is a mix of work by Thrasos Varnava and Taenggo
Wiki (FAQ)
Screenshots & comparison with original DroidSeries
Source code
Download APK: latest version is always attached to this post
F-Droid Repository

Latest changes: 5.1: Added a quick search (filter) to make finding shows in your list a lot faster; list item operations now correspond to the ArrayAdapter's items, not the source List series (necessary for filter); Fixed double triggering of gestures; Clear undo list on restoring a backup; Renamed and edited some strings; Fixed exception when no icon drawable found.
5.0: Fast Scroll thumb not so wide; Fast scroll initiated with >15 shows; No more accidental back gesture AND opening next screen; "Hidden shows" renamed to "Disabled shows"; AsyncInfo was called twice upon start and caused a FC when showing/hiding disabled shows when thread was still running; Proper use of isCancelled() in AsyncInfo.
4.9: Kept forgetting to fix a parsing error for air dates in the old; Removed db.close() in onDestroy() again: small chance on FC's otherwise, not closing db can't hurt according to devs of Android, just some whining in logcat sometimes; Added db.close() to forced Exit option; no more APKs inside repository; Added some isCancelled() checks into AsyncTask in show info.
4.8: Introduced fast scrolling with non-obtrusive custom thumb image; On resume, immediately check for new aired episodes IF the date has changed; Optimized swipe gesture detection; Keep modified timestamp of backup files from original; Redid dialog options with single method; Database closed again on destroy, hope it won't do stupid stuff anymore this time; Removed all obsolete imported code of Apache commons; Removed Calendar dependency; Removed commented/unused methods (;
4.7: With all them Netflix series, one season at a time, sort unseen by number of unwatched aired episodes first, then by date; sorting now only on UI level, not in queries.
4.5: Delete old thumbs and webview db on Restore; Minor code clean-up
4.4: "" => "\u2026" + "" => "\u2020" (unicode character encoding problems fixed); Hide Genres & First Aired fields in Show Details when empty
4.3: Minor renaming issue with database table: keeping table "droidseries" for compatibility reasons.
4.2: Rebrand to "DroidShows" (primarily for F-Droid); TAG and strings
4.12: Gesture recognition fix (when scrolling through list with diagonal gesture)
4.11: Adding backup/restore function; About dialog to separate method; workaround for when no data from TheTVDb has been received for a show; removed useless thread booleans; removed useless getString()s; cleaned up some Toast declarations and dialog texts; toggleFilter() to private; thread names removed; increased retries for XMLParser;
4.10: Fixed FC when clicking show/hide toggled items immediately after start-up
4.09: Fixed: found some shows without episode names in TheTVDb, which resulted in an empty show being added to the database; Catch IMDb rating instances of "null"; Fixed toggle between poster and fan art when no fan art available
4.08: Added option to get back old swipe behavior (right-to-left for back in all screens but shows overview)
4.07: Added feature to directly go to IMDb page of episode by tapping on the IMDb score in episode details; Searches for IMDb are also redirected to the app if installed, otherwise the mobile IMDb site is used; Context menu item to view next episode's IMDb page;
4.06: "Seasons up to here are seen" now only marks episodes that have been aired
4.05: Added minimalistic animations to help understand the app's structure;
Swipe left-to-right is now back (right-to-left is still "mark next episode as seen");
Removed the changelog (no-one's gonna read that); added/improved a couple of instructions on how to use the app in the Options dialog;
4.04: Removed separate activity for show synopsis when adding show;
Instead added dialog with synopsis and Add button (disabled when already in DroidSeries);
Touching outside dialogs (Options, synopses in Add show) dismisses the dialog; Fixed a bug in original code where toggled (hidden) shows were not seen as "already added", which could then result in all episodes being added again;
4.03: Actors heading was shown even when there were no actors to be shown; Some changes to conditionals with respect to empty genres/actors/etc. lists
4.02: KitKat's use of GURL screwed up loading of fan art when clicking on large poster (explanation:; solution:
4.01: loadDataWithBaseURL to loadData with full
data; Episodes checkmarks padding fix; Marquee for seasons info; to in show details;
4.00: All posters will be automatically refreshed upon Update (All) when having old dimensions or when not existing anymore (this occurred sometimes due to TheTVDb errors); No more support for older versions of original DroidSeries databases (only latest v0.1.5-7 is supported and will be updated with new fields); New poster thumbnail when no poster was found (did not work anymore, either - fixed)
3.91: Update routine for new poster thumbnail size
3.90: View full-size poster and fan art in show overview; Added total number of episodes per season; Seasons lists not static anymore; Added DatabaseUtils.sqlEscapeString()'s where necessary; If status is unknown, don't show stupid "null"; Using parallel AsyncTask for updates of show & season updates; Put SQL statements for Show & Episode Overview into own activity (no more putExtra hell); SerieEpisodes RelativeLayout to LinearLayout; SerieEpisodes setOnClickListener => android: onClick in XML; Removed and reordered some SQL clauses for (theoretical) performance; Some more decent names for variables; Loading of icon drawable in getView() for faster start-up
3.88: View full size poster and fan art
3.87: New show & episode details views; if no IMDb id for a show is provided, long-pressing poster/clicking on rating in show overview will go to IMDb search page; less useless distracting text on screens and in titles
3.85: Fixed: not always showing updated info after "Update all shows"
3.84: Showing middot when all new episodes are aired; prettier list divider; About dialog called "Options"; instead of onItemClickListener using proper way of overriding onListItemClick; create ONE OnClickListener & ONE OnLongClickListener for all list items; some code cleanup
3.83: Translucent background
3.82: Added Undo function for "mark next episode as seen"; "Next episode" line no longer styled bold (more distinction between show name and info lines makes for quicker finding of shows while scrolling down the list).
3.81: Tested on tablet, fixed IconView once again. Resolution of poster on download and view is now independent of device's ratios, but still depends on the screen's long side (px).
3.81: Checkboxes in episodes list are now easier to tick when "Use entire line to check episode" is disabled.
3.80: Finally nailed it: ellipsize="marquee" is working. Note to self: never trust someone else's code blindly.
3.78: Showing after show name when show ended (instead of * in show info field) and showing status when no new episodes.

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6th February 2015, 10:17 PM |#2  
Penacal's Avatar
Senior Member
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@ltGuillaume, good job on the app,im installing for the first time and I find the search field a bit akward,text over text.
thanksClick image for larger version

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1423260951476.png
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7th February 2015, 12:16 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by Penacal

@ltGuillaume, good job on the app,im installing for the first time and I find the search field a bit akward,text over text.
thanksAttachment 3153368

Oh wow, that's odd, thanks for reporting! Since DroidSeries is using a default "searchable" element, which cannot be styled (other than hacking into it), it uses your ROM's default settings. Are you sure you haven't seen this transparency in another app? From the status bar icons in the screenshot, it looks like you're using a custom ROM (or at least some kind of theme customization), it might just be that the searchable / SearchView has been overlooked by the themer. Please let me know if this helps finding the cause, or if you can find another phone having the same problem with just my fork of the app. Thanks!

I have made some changes since, so a re-download is recommended (it's got the same version number, really small changes, attached to my previous post 1 minute ago), but it's not yet search-related, so looking forward to your reply

(by the way, I just couldn't get used to XenoAmp Using ArmAmp )
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7th February 2015, 10:42 AM |#4  
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@ltGuillaume, you are right,it's a theme issue,it's using some transparency,after uninstalling the theme,the search field looks fine. sorry about that.☺

OT:regarding xeno amp, I'm using it for over a year, but in the beginning was difficult to get used to such a non convencional player😁, but it's a very good one, and with a good developer, about ArmAmp, it's such an awesome player too👍, with a ton of features.
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9th February 2015, 11:57 AM |#5  
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Finally got the ellipsize="marquee" working properly with the customized ImageView class for the posters. Note to self: never blindly trust someone else's code...
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9th February 2015, 03:05 PM |#6  
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Was about to ask what that means, but I figured it was the issue with checkbox, immediately after installing the new version. 👍
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9th February 2015, 03:46 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Penacal

Was about to ask what that means, but I figured it was the issue with checkbox, immediately after installing the new version.

Actually the checkboxes should've been fine all along :P If you find it too cumbersome to click the checkbox (and keep ending up in the episode info page), you can tick the option in [About] to use the entire line to check/uncheck an episode. Long-pressing will still get you into episode info. I usually just swipe right-to-left in the overview to check a new episode as seen. BUT I just had another look at the checkboxes and it should be a lot easier to check/uncheck them now

The issue I had was basically that some padding wasn't taken into account by the poster's View in the overview screen. In turn, this meant that any ellipsizing (either fading, like now, or "..." when text becomes too long for the view) was indeed done, but just off-screen :P Quite annoying to figure that out , as you can imagine

I just tested this thing on a tablet for the first time and I found and fixed a couple more issues concerning the poster. Android is sooooo picky and annoying, it's... just like web design

New v3.81 on previous page.
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9th February 2015, 05:46 PM |#8  
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Some hidden settings in About, lol, the only place I didn't look☺. I mention the checkbox, cause in the previous version I saw a ugly zoom, when checked. Now it's fine.
9th February 2015, 09:13 PM |#9  
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I'm sorry that must've been the theming again I don't use a custom checkbox image, nor do I scale it in any way, so must've been that again. Nevertheless I heard before that it was difficult to actually check/uncheck an item while not unintentionally ending up in the episode description, so thanks to your mentioning of an unrelated problem I still managed to fix that one in the end

HTC Desire CM7/2.3.7
[MiXplorer Skins Gallery] - [2015 DroidSeries Reboot]
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10th February 2015, 10:25 AM |#10  
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@ltGuillaume, what do you think of removing the date from next episode,leaving only next S02E01,as it's strange to see 2005 and so on dates there😉,yes still catching up on some tv shows😀,and to keep only date for next aired episodes.dont know if u find this interesting,but just leave you my though anyway.thanks
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