Default [APP][4.1+]WiFi and lockscreen Auto Toggle

I had this app already available for some time, but now that I'm using root access and/or the Xposed framework in the newest version it's probably somewhat relevant for XDA developers!

WiFi Auto Toggle allows you to do few things depending on your WiFi connection:

Auto-Toggle WiFi

Build on the WiFi background scanning function on Android 4.3 the app can scan for WiFi access points even when WiFi is turned off. So what the app is doing here is disabling WiFi when you leave your home network, and automatically re-enable it when you're back.

Auto-Toggle lock screen

When you are in a trusted location you're probably tired of entering your PIN code all the time. WiFi Auto Toggle is doing this job for you and disables your lockscreen when you are connected to a trusted WiFi network.


Disabling the lockscreen works without root on a 'normal' phone on Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. But there are limitations on some phones and on newer Android versions:

* If you have a Samsung phone then root access is needed to work around Samsung's firmware modifications. This is done by an Xposed module that comes built-in with the app.

* If you are already running Android L then SuperSU is required to get the persistent background process running that is needed to toggle the lock screen. Due to new SELinux limitations however this process can no longer be launched without root. Also it currently doesn't work with other Superuser apps, it's only working with SuperSU. Root apps need to switch the SELinux context and SuperSU is the only one supporting this.


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