Default [APP][4.0 +]BuilDota2 (v1.1) best free Dota 2 encyclopedia and calculator

BuilDota2 is the brilliant tool for all Dota 2 players, from novice to pro. Find it on Google Play via "BuilDota2" request.

Need to check details of some hero abilities? Curious which item provides the best effect on which attribute? Want to compare item builds on the fly and see which is the best for the chosen role? Then this tool is just what you need!


★ Always up-to-date hero & item database;
★ Dota fan friendly interface;
★ Full hero information (stats, attributes, abilities etc.) with detailed tooltips;
★ Level slider to see how heroes evolve as they gain levels;
★ Animated ‘live’ avatars pack;
★ Items fit on with immediate update of hero information;
★ Saving hero builds locally;
★ Hero salutation sounds.
★ Heroes bio.

Upcoming features:
- Sharing hero builds;
- Saving hero builds in the cloud;
- Item recipes;
- Sound effects.