Default [Game] Elder Towers - a Deck-building RTS/RPG

Indie developer Akashan Games launched its first title Elder Towers on Google Play Store. Elder Towers is a deck-building RTS/RPG game heavily inspired by the old titles Magic: the Gathering - Shandalar and Sacrifice. Defying the common trend of casual simple gameplay on mobile, the game is instead aimed at hardcore gamers who would enjoy a serious strategy game. Elder Towers offers the strategical complexity of a deck-building collectible card game, and translates the deep game mechanism into intuitive fast-paced gameplay with exciting visuals.

* TCG game mechanisms realized in real-time 3D environment
* Free-roaming single-player campaign
* Multiplayer duel
* 160 mind-boggling spells
* 104 summoned units, fully animated 3D characters
* 3 character classes with powerful class-specific feats
* Fast-paced gameplay designed for 5~10 minute matches

Like Sacrifice, the game is a third-person view RTS where you summon creatures to fight for you, and cast a variety of spells to support them. However unit micro-management is taken out in order to allow the players to focus on other aspects of the game. The players get to choose their summons from a large pool of attacker units, defender units, bodyguards units, etc, of varying costs, strength, and special abilities. All those units fight autonomously according to their AI types.

Like Magic: the Gathering - Shandalar, the players are given a very limited set of spells at the beginning of the game, and shall gradually collect more and better spells, summons, artifacts and special feats, as they brave through the free-roaming game world. They shall test their decks against many different opponents, while they keep on hunting for new spells and improving the decks.

Elder Towers is released as a free-to-play game with most of the contents offered for free, including the full single-player campaign and cross-platform online duel. Some of the game contents are to be bought as in-app purchases.

The game is now available on Google Play Store for Android. The iOS version is pending for Apple approval and will soon be available as well.