Talking [GAME][EVENT]Fluffy Puffy

Greetings all!
As the title suggest, I have developed a game to the google play, however, it doesn't come by itself.
I'm making a contest, more details here in FB -if you speak spanish, if not, I'm still translating .
-Like my oficial page on facebook
-Be the first one on rank
-Event ends at Friday 25th July at 17:00 (Mexico timezone).
Just for the first place, Bioshock (1) steam licence.
Winner has to send me a PM and verify that the google Play account with the highest score is him/hers.
Moto G/Upgraded KK 4.4.2 (suggested for a very cheap price, is still fast)
PipoS1/Upgraded JB 4.2.2 (suggested for a very cheap price, is still fast)
Zopo C2/Stock 4.2.1 Broke Screen (Not suggested)
Momo9/CM10 Not used anymore(Not suggested)
SGAi/Simplicity V5 Not used anymore(Not suggested)