Red face [GAME][2.2+] PENGUIN STYLE - very funny and challenging game

I would like to introduce to you a very interesting mini games, but Running style game but play each level should not be boring, there are 2 modes easy [EASY] and hard [HARD] is suitable for all ages from young children to the elderly
The game has 12 levels for each mode, in which 9 normal levels and 3 challenge levels [CHALLENGE], and of course, to increase competition so the game will play rankings on google, but only ranked players transcend the Challenge level alone, trust me, you will have a period of inhibition is quite long if you want to pass that last Challenge level
Come say much right, now to the part shows some pics for you to see

and here is the link down:
Note: since this is a new game so as to find the name of the game add a "" in order to easily see the dentist, for example: "penguin style"
Wishing you play the game "fun"