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Announcement from Kingxteam: KingRoot 4.6 has been released, she can root 5.1 well and some 6.0 devices
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PURIFY will make you device faster and purer. It can close App running in background automatically and let them never auto start. I'm here to beg everybody can try it and give us feedback. Click here to visit thread of Purify or find Purify on Google Play


  1. Root has risk and may be voids your warranty.
  2. We have two versions, one is mobile version( app) for one-click root, another is desktop version for root some special device which can not be rooted by mobile one. Attention please that the desktop version may be flash third party Recovery into your device.
  3. Google Security may block the installation of Kingroot, you could either select "install anyway" or turn off the network to continue.
  4. Please check information in "DETAILS and RMARKS" section carefully before you decide to root your device by KingRoot.
  5. Find more interesting thing in our official website
  6. Statement: Why KingUser need internet connection and upload device information
  7. We would like to extend us sincere gratitude to maksnogin, he help us translate KingRoot into Russian. We are deeply grateful of his help


KingRoot is an amazing tool for "lazy people" who just want to get root access but don't want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It is one of the most famous root tool in China and now we release English version here for everyone, totally free and without AD. Something interesting will happen when you root your device by KingRoot, the most suitable Root strategy will be deployed from cloud, that is why we have higher success rate that some other tools. Specifically, root success rate will higher than 60% on supported device. This is our first English version, that's why there are still some Chinese in app, we are apologize for that if it cause you confused. Support list, FAQ and more details can be found below download section and please also read them carefully. Thank you very much! (What's more, we are really appreciate @idler1984 [KEEN team]. We work together and solve lots problems. Thanks! Partner! )


MD5 Hash:46cc55c2b71d926bcc97dcc35fe842f8

Purify will check if you have root, if you have not, Purify will redirect you to KingRoot official site and install latest version KingRoot


>>>>You can check support list for clicking here<<<<

Support Android Version: 2.2 , 2.3 , 4.0, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0



#SU Binary
Generally, Su Binary will be installed in System/xbin to ensure that you can keep root access permanently

This app also produced by us and has ability to purify your system. Purify can make apps hibernation automatically which you have exited but still running in background. What's more, she also can archive notifications for you. just like your housekeeper. Purify will be downloaded and installed in your Data/app

#Desktop KingRoot(optional)
KingRoot desktop version used to deal device which can not be rooted by KingRoot app. You can download it according to tutorial in KingRoot app. Desktop version is an expert in SAMSUNG root field, if your SAMSUNG device can't root, just try it >>>Download Desktop Version<<<

1. Desktop KR still have no English UI, we will release English version as soon as possible.
2. Desktop KR may be flash third party Recovery into your device, if you want to keep in stock, please don't use it.
3. If you don't like idea of Purify, you can remove it without any problem.
4. Root access will lose if you remove KingRoot, re-install KingRoot can get root back if you lose it.
5. Install SuperSu to replace KingRoot may be cause some unknown error, although you do can do this.

1. For KingRoot app: just download, then install it into you device. Run it , done! KingRoot will do every other thing for you.
2. For KingRoot Desktop version: download it from official website into your computer, then connect your device to computer. After connect successful , just click "开始root" (start root). Done! Waiting for root.


You can visit KingRoot official website from here, just click me.


We heard about lots story about "Chinese steal you IMEI and clone a phone", in fact, we really don't know why we need do that and how to clone a phone . Anyway, I think we need publish the truth about information collection.

1. Just as I said above, KingRoot will deploy the most suitable root strategy into your device from cloud. In order to do this, we apparently need to get your ROM information. In the other words, we upload ROM information for root but not for "clone a phone"

2. We will not save ROM information in our server, if we do that, may be we need to update our server and make it as big as Google's. Come on, that's need a great amount of money.

3. All your sensitive information such IMEI will be encrypted and interpreted into another number in order to calculate success rate.


There is a video on YouTube for how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Verizon) with KingRoot
Video Maker: DroidModderX ROOT Master

KingRoot 4.1 will be released in next week, which can root Samsung Galaxy S6
Video Maker: Kingroot team

Google Play blocked ROOT tools recently, here is how to skip the warnings
Video Maker: Andrea Cioccarelli & Lina Chen

XDA:DevDB Information
KINGROOT, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 4.6
Stable Release Date: 2015-11-12

Created 2015-05-13
Last Updated 2016-08-26
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2015-05-13, 9:36AM
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Q: Why KingRoot can not be removed ?!
A: This situation always happened on some devices with system protection mechanism such as SONY, HUAWEI and so on. Sometimes, root strategy only can close these system protection mechanism temporarily during root process. That's why KingRoot can be installed. However, after root finished or device reboot, system protection mechanism will enable again. After that, system can not be mounted. That's why KingRoot can not be removed.

Q: What can I do if KingRoot can not be removed ?!
A: If you can not remove KingRoot , please try to force stop KingRoot, clear data of it and root device with KingRoot again. Then unroot it immediately.

Q: All questions about SuperSu !
A: Please click here for answer.

Q: How to improve root success rate (Especially for ZTE Zmax)?
A: Click here for answer please

Q: Why the desktop version can be better?? And which CUSTOM RECOVERY does it install?? Will it trig KNOX??
A: Because of desktop version not depends on system exploit but to flash a Rom with Su binary, it's more easily and violent. CUSTOM RECOVERY includes CWN and some self made recovery which developed by ourselves or our partner teams. And we have a reason to believe that desktop version will trig KNOX

Q: Does KingRoot on Samsung trig Knox flag to 0x1?
A: Click here for answer please

Q: Can KingRoot root the phone with wi-fi and mobile data turned off?
A: No, it downloads the best exploit for the device, on the fly

Q: Which permissions does this app exactly ask ?
A: Permissions of KingRoot required all can be seen when you install it. We need so many permissions because some root solution need to be run on them.

Q: What is the benefit of paying coders for support if the app is free?
A: We sponsored by one of the biggest IT company of China, lots app of them need to get root access through us.

Q: How to replace KingRoot with SuperSu?
A: Click here for answer please(I'm not sure it can work perfectly and may be cause some unknown errors)

Q: How to remove KingRoot ?
A: Click here for answer please

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2015-05-13, 9:36AM
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Did not work for note 4
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2015-05-13, 11:57AM
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Originally Posted by UrbanLagoon

Did not work for note 4

Sorry to hear that, mate. We are writing support list now , and can you leave detail of your device here? Such as Android version or ROM information, we can check for you
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2015-05-13, 12:39PM
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Originally Posted by UrbanLagoon

Did not work for note 4

And you also can try to use PC version, I'm pretty sure that my friends root them Note 4 by our desktop version. PC version is really easy to understand and use, although it still have no English UI. Download link is here:
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2015-05-13, 12:54PM
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Nice idea
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2015-05-13, 12:58PM
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Originally Posted by bilal21_

Nice idea

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2015-05-13, 1:10PM
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Donate to Me
I sent in research for the LG G3 D855 as it didn't work.
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2015-05-13, 1:43PM
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Originally Posted by squabbi

I sent in research for the LG G3 D855 as it didn't work.

I just checked for you. Your device not be supported yet. We will continue do more work on it. Thank you very much~
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2015-05-13, 1:50PM
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I am trying this on my sch-i535pp.
The previous versions (4.0) would cause the device to reboot and an orange android symbol. Hopefully this version works

I'll update this after I see.


"Root failed, no strategy is available."
I will help make the English better if needed

Kernel build date is July 22nd 2014.
Android version 4.4.2.

I would have root right now if I did not have a locked bootloader...
Darn you Verizon!!!!
Thanks for developing this free root application
Can't wait until the new exploit is working perfect.
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2015-05-13, 2:21PM
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