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I have a friend that his child born with his heart in the right and has a hole in it, we are trying to collect some money for his boy that has just 2 weeks.
We really need to make 5000 euro for a very hard operation in Spain.

I know that are people out there that doesn't believe in this type of messages but i hope that my message will make at least 2-3000 people make a donation with at least 1 euro over the million ones we are in the internet.

I know that people in general does not have money too much but i hope...i hope 1 euro is not too much to ask.

I have an old paypal verified account and true that i'm trying to raise the money...Let's hope for the best.

The paypal email account where everyone can send money is

I am bathing admins and moderators to not delete this this's harmless and maybe the rooms will be spread for this to come to a happy end.

I wanna say i wish lot of good health and much happiness to all that makes a donation or at least spread the word.