Default [HTC Merge/S610D][31/8/14] ICS Sense 3.6 [3.0.X kernel]

ICS 3.6 Sense with 3.0 kernel port from HTC Incredible S (Vivo)

-video recording (720P)
-720P video playback
-USB Mount
-super smooth rosie mod
-rooted with koush's Superuser
-overclocking (up to 1.4Ghz)
-Keyboard backlight doesn't turn on (autobrightness values seem to be correct though)
CDMA users:

For simplicity, the rom defaults to GSM settings. However, to use CDMA, you must put a file named "CDMA.prop" on the root of your sdcard before you flash the rom. Inside the file, specify, in ALL CAPS, your carrier: either USC or VZW. All other carriers specified will default to VZW settings.

I do not use CDMA, so please let me know how it goes!
ROM Download: - 326.68 MB
PATCH 1: - 4.14 MB (flash after ROM, fixes possible wifi/camcorder, GPS, and zram issues.)
PATCH 2: - 4.11 MB (flash after ROM and PATCH 1, fixes overclocking, adds interactive/ondemand cpu governors)

Recommended Recovery: - 3.53 MB
As per GPL, my kernel source:

I could not have done this with without the pioneering work of Flemmard, who was the first to port a 3.0 kernel to HTC Vision, and also Evervolv, for continually providing support for legacy devices. Also, thanks to yotzag and Juansheng for numerous kernel patches.

You are free to repost this rom/kernel and modify it, but please post credits and/or contribute back to the source !