Default [RECOVERY] Carliv Touch Recovery v2.5 for Alcatel One Touch S'Pop 4030/A/E/D/Y/X

This is Carliv Touch Recovery ported to Alcatel One Touch S'Pop.


It is based on CWM and is perfectly compatible with it. The big difference from version 1.5 is the full touch module. In this version I used Napstar-xda's full touch module as base. The navigation it is posible by touching the menu item. In long display menu (as choose zip from sdcard) for scroll page down Swipe Right and for scroll page up Swipe Left. For Go Back also Swipe Left. The Go Back menu item is disabled because of the semibutton that announce there is more to see if Scroll Down -
Go Back function is possible with Swipe Left, as I said. If the Swipe doesn't work (usually if your phone is multitouch bat has only 2 points of touch), use volume buttons Down for Scroll down, Up for Scroll up, and the back capacitive button of the phone for Go Back.
A big change is the integration of compressed backups, tar gzip, ported from CWM cm-11.0 branch. Apart from that, it is based on my non-touch modified CWM recovery, with some changes and small improvements.

Version 2.5 update (29.06.2014):
- cleaned up the source code
- removed "wipe all" option from wipe menu (too many users wiped their system and blamed me); if you need to wipe system, use "format system" from "mounts/storage"
- rearanged menu order in root menu to restore CWM order
- added a "nvram backup/restore" menu in "carliv" section: the nvram partition will be backed up in clockworkmod/backup folder as nvram.img. This will help if you lose IMEI and other communication features. It will work only if you have the nvram partition of size 0x500000 (check your scatter) and if you have the nvram defined as /dev/nvram path in recovery.fstab. If the nvram partition is damaged (as in flashing an oversized recovery) this will not help you, and you need SPFlashTools to reflash with format your phone official firmware, and after that flash this recovery, boot in recovery and restore nvram.
- some other small changes.



-@Carliv for this awesome recovery and guide
-and me for port to this device
Phone: Alcatel One Touch S'Pop 4030A
Kernel: Stock Kernel With Init.d Support

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830L
Kernel: MA6 Kernel

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