Storage [WIP] Create Windows To Go Drive on Android

Hi All,
I've been wanting to create a Windows To Go Drive on my Android so that I can simply plug in my phone into any PC i want and voila, my own Windows 8.1!

I've only had limited success so far.

What I Used:
Sprint Galaxy Nexus (Rooted, 4.3)
Sony Vaio Laptop running Windows 8 (Win7 and below dont have latest DISM or Diskpart) (Capable of UEFI booting)

What I Did:
1. Used DriveDroid to create a 10GB image file. It made the file, so i'm guessing that the internal sdcard of the Nexus is not FAT32. No Partition Table and no File System (Yet)

2. Plugged in the phone. Recognized it as a USB Drive.

3. Used Diskpart to clean drive, create primary partition, format as ntfs and set active

4. Extracted install.wim from Windows 8.1 Disc

5. Used DISM to copy image onto Blank USB Drive (Took around 2 hours)
**It's better to use DISM in comparison to ImageX, since ImageX is older and has mixed results

6. Used BCDBoot to copy boot files onto USB Drive

7. Rebooted. UEFI Boot Failed (Didnt even attempt to recognize the drive)

8. Legacy Boot worked! Reached Windows Boot Manager

9. Reaches the Windows 8 Boot Logo and the Spinning Circle

From here though, it just keeps spinning on and on and on.....doesn't stop spinning but doesn't go further than that either.

While it does that, there is

a) No HDD activity

b) No response from Num Lock and Caps Lock key lights

c) No BSOD or response when the phone is unplugged

It's like it doesn't care. Just keeps spinning
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