Unhappy [Q] Double Fail

I attempted to root my Samsung Galaxy S2 SCH-R760 from nTelos and I got stuck in a bootloop... Didn't know how to fix this problem... So, I figured using "SimpleUpgradeTool for SCH-R760 USCC" would fix my bootloop problem... Indeed, it did but little did I know that upgrade tool was for U.S. Cellular... I was running Jelly Bean and the tool knocked me all the way back to Ice Cream Sandwich... Found out it was U.S. Cellular after booting my device... So, I went to the website of nTelos and downloaded "SimpleUpgradeTool for SCH-R760 Generic"... Phone boots up normal... I'm back on Jelly Bean... I can send and receive call and messages... But, I have no access to the internet and 3G doesn't show... I can use WIFI, tho... My MDN, MSID, and model shows up fine in the Rits... One of the Fanelli Boys, Inc an authorized retailer of nTelos told me "Flashed phones in the Rits are put in as LG Axis... nTelos Corp. told me that my phone didn't change anything in Rits... I doubt attempting to root the device caused any other issue besides the bootloop... I believe my internet problem is because the phone is originally nTelos... Was Flashed by U.S. Cellular upgrade tool... Then, flashed again by the nTelos upgrade tool... Any solutions to getting my internet back?