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[GUIDE] Change CyanogenMod 12 (CM12) Lock Screen Wallpaper

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Please do not post that this isn't working for you unless you have a ROM which has the CyanogenMod 12 theme engine installed.
It should theoretically work on all ROMs based off CM12 like CyanogenMod 12, GearCM12, AICP, Vanir, BlissPop, CyanideL, Candy5, Euphoria, Temasek, Resurrection Remix, Screw'd, Validus, Team UB, Dirty Unicorns and more!

Thanks to @eagleeyetom for the feature on 28th January, 2015!


I noticed a lot of posts on the threads of almost all ROMs based off of CyanogenMod 12 asking about how to change the lockscreen wallpaper without using an apk or anything in the theme engine. So I did some experimentation and have found a way to do it, and I'm gonna share it with you.

Please follow this carefully step by step or this may not work for you. If you ARE on a ROM based off of CyanogenMod 12, and you did these steps correctly and it still didn't work (I don't see why it wouldn't), post your device information and ROM details and I'll look into it.

Let's get started.

Things you'll need:
1. A ROM based off of CM12 (duh)
2. Root access.
3. A root file explorer.

I would recommend reading the F.A.Q. before you do this!

Here's a video tutorial I made to make things easier to understand:

Here are the steps:
  1. Download/place the wallpaper you need in your internal/external storage and remember it's location.
  2. Download, install and open a root file browser. (ES File Explorer recommended)
  3. Grant the file explorer root access.
  4. Go into the root directory and then go to data/system/users/0.
  5. Here, rename the "keyguard_wallpaper" to "keyguard_wallpaperOLD" to keep it as a backup.
  6. Now navigate to where you saved your new wallpaper, and rename it to "keyguard_wallpaper" REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE FILE EXTENSION.
  7. Now move this file to the location mentioned above (data/system/users/0/).
  8. Change permissions to -rwx------ Different ROMs might require different permissions. See Q6 of the F.A.Q.!
  9. Lock the phone now, and enjoy your new wallpaper.

A fellow XDA Member, @Miniprepumen, has created a simple and amazing app built to do what this guide says!
He's also added some features like built-in resizing, and more features are on the way. So if you want to do this the easy way, head on over to his thread, check out the app and leave a thanks! And if you can, donate to him for his efforts to motivate him further. Click HERE to go there!

Q1: How do I revert to the old wallpaper?
A: Simple. Just delete the new one, and rename the backed-up wallpaper.

Q2: Will this work on ROMs other than the ones based off of CM12?
A: I do not know. I've only tested this on Resurrection Remix 5.3.1 which is based off of CM12 on a S4 GT-i9500. Give it a shot, and if it worked, let me know so I can update the OP.

Q3: Will this cause any bricks or bootloops if I mis-rename the files?
A: Absolutely no. It shouldn't. Never bricked mine. It just displays the last known wallpaper I think.

Q4: What happens if I just rename the existing one and don't replace it with anything?
A: The default wallpaper (the one you use for your home screen) should be displayed. (This is based on user reports)

Q5: There is no "keyguard_wallpaper" in the directory you mentioned.
A: Just paste the new renamed file, set permissions, and it will work.

Q6: Did everything. Wallpaper doesn't change.
A: Please try other permissions. Some users reported that they had to grant permissions to the system to make it stick on reboot. Granting all the users all the permissions would be your last resort.

Q7: Still doesn't work!
A: Please make sure you did everything correctly. Watch the video for more help. If even after you've verified that you've set the permissions right, renamed it properly, removed the extensions, then try doing a reboot. If it still doesn't work, then it means your ROM just doesn't support it. Ask the dev for help.

Q8: Can I have a live wallpaper?
A: Yes and no. So far, I have not figured out a way to set a live wallpaper for lockscreen and the home screen separately. Only way it is currently possible to have a live wallpaper for your lockscreen (afaik), is to have it for both your locks creen and the home screen. If you're okay with that, then simply set the live wallpaper as your home screen wallpaper, and then delete the "keyguard_wallpaper" file. It's kinda like Q4.

Watch the video if the steps seem complicated to you. If you're gonna tell other people about this, please link back to this thread.

Enjoy your new CM12 lockscreen wallpaper.
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27th January 2015, 06:17 PM |#2  
voorhees13's Avatar
Senior Member
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Works on temasek cm12 i9300
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28th January 2015, 05:14 AM |#3  
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Thanks. OP updated.

Originally Posted by voorhees13

Works on temasek cm12 i9300

28th January 2015, 12:32 PM |#4  
PeterImmel's Avatar
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works on crDroid (cm-based, too). Thank you
28th January 2015, 12:48 PM |#5  
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Dixon, IL
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Works with Note 2 i605 Liquid Smooth CM12
28th January 2015, 12:54 PM |#6  
Naveed Abbas's Avatar
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There is no "keyguard_wallpaper" in "data/system/users/0" on JustArchi's UNOFFICIALCyanogenMod 12 for i9300
28th January 2015, 01:03 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Naveed Abbas

There is no "keyguard_wallpaper" in "data/system/users/0" on JustArchi's UNOFFICIALCyanogenMod 12 for i9300

There is no such file in OPO CM12 too, but if you paste the image there, rename and set permissions, it will work.
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28th January 2015, 01:03 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Naveed Abbas

There is no "keyguard_wallpaper" in "data/system/users/0" on JustArchi's UNOFFICIALCyanogenMod 12 for i9300

+1 No file named "keyguard_wallpaper" on nightlies for Nexus 5
28th January 2015, 01:10 PM |#10  
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Works with LG G3 D855 CM12 , but also need to change own & group to "System" otherwise not work.
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