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Hi guys...
Recently i had worked in a project (Mini Cayno X 2 link -> ...
it was a update patch for stock many buddy ask me in FB that how can i make one update patch for my rom?!!
But due to being busy i cant replay them and now i am free and try to write a small tutorial about this...i hope you will enjoy it... and this is my frist tutorial in XDA...

Frist its not for Developer its for newbie modder who dont know this method...

Ok lets start....


Today i am going to tell you a new and uncommon way to make your own update patch...I think everybody knows about Villain rom flasher or Vrtheme...its really a good rom flasher...and you can make your own modpack with this easily...but i dont talk about this...beacuse there are a lot of guide in Xda about this...

Now i am going to tell you about Omegadorid rom flasher... This is an "Universal Flasher Tools" like villain rom flasher...
This flasher was made by JRsoft & Intronauta...
And more info and updates about "VillainTheme System" here:


Now i am going to how can you make your own update pack...

Frist for any Error or brick i am not responsible...


Now requirments ->

1.Good file manegar or Root ecplorer...
2.good image editor like pixeler express or pic say pro...
3.Simple and common knowledge in udate script...
4.and free mind...


Now download this omega flasher uploaded by Me...beacuse i lost the main thered link...

link -> ( ) (Size: 2 mb)

After downloading make sure that what you want to add in your update i wants to add some nessesary apps,themes and some brinaries...

After decieding extract the zip in a new i extracted it in a new folder named new projects...

then you will see some folder like thats ->

6.Reed me.txt...

Ok now frist lets talk about meta inf...i think everybody know this folder...and you must have knowladge about this folder...if you dont have then see this tutorial -> ( (dont forget to say thanks to pitchblack5691 )

Now MORPH folder...
this is the main you can put your modded png files what you wanted to add in your apps...i will talk about it lettar...

then tools this folder you will see some files...dont touch them...this is the main files of your update pack...

then this folder you can see some folder like system,sdcard,data etc etc...
if you wants to add somethings like apps in system folder then drop your apps in XTRAS/system/ can add fonts,new boot animations,modded build.prop and brinaries too...i will talk about this latter...

Now mod.config...This string will be added to build.prop for identify the
version or author of the mod and will be visible in
Settings - >About. Please avoid to use the character "=" into
the string.

now About you will find somethings like how use this flasher etc etc...


All start making modpack.... .Its very easy...

Put in "/XTRAS" folder files that you want to add recreating
their full paths. Note that /XTRAS is equivalent to root path in
the internal memory:



you can also add system app here...just sing your app and drop it in XTRAS/system/ can add some app to xtras/data/app too...and in sdcard folder you can add some files like viper kernels or your lunchers downloaded themes.for example frist download all themes from your luncher settings.then search them in sdcard.if you found them,then copy the files with whole derectory like i found my themes here -> sdcard/xluncher/themes.So i copied xluncher folder and paste it to XTRAS/sdcard folder.By the same way you can add anithings in your sdcard just copy your file with whole derectory and paste it in xtras/sdcard...
i hope you understand about using XTRAS folders....

Now uses of MORPH folder...
>> Put in "/MORPH" folder your "morph themes". Note that /MORPH is
equivalent to root path in the internal memory and you must rename
folders like the apk but with extension instead the metamorph form
This process will only works in the following folders: /data/app,
/system/app and /system/framework.



you can add your modded png i want to add new frist i mod my that i extract my framwork_res by root explorer and find the paltlogo.then i found them and copy the derectory that where i found them like i found them in framwork_res/res/drawable nodpi.So i made my own logo and renamed them as same as in my stock framwork_res like platlogo.png and put them in the same derectory where i found them in stock MORPH/system/framwork/framwork_res/res/drawable you add another pngs in the same way...but dont forget to renamed your pngs in same name as the main pngs...i hope you understand what i your theming has been done!

>>but It's very important that you take a look to MOD.config file to
enable or disable features a/or set special commands if you need
it, i.e for setup your sdcard layout used in your recovery if you
get sdcard errors, set a mod name visible in Settings, etc..

>>ok now create zip of your updatepatch and Flash and enjoy!!

Having problem with update script?!!See my script -> ( ) (Size: 3 kb)

######################Some KNOWN ERRORS ###############################

>>If you get (Status 0) error flashing, you need an update-binary
specific for your terminal. You must look for and extract the
"/META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary" file inside a zip
compatible with your terminal and replace it in the same path into
the UFT. You also can consider to replace the whole META-INF folder
in the MOD with the other compatible, except the updater-script!!

>>Please, report us errors if you get!!...

N.B ->to add somethings like brinaries/fonts/apps data/etc etc you must need to set permissions and Smyalink,Dont forget it and if dont know how to set permission or create Smyalink then dont try to add some devices all pngs are found in drawable-xhdpi/drawable-xxhdpi/ you must need to know that in which folders your pngs are stored...for this just extract your systemui or framwork_res...then see thats where are all the pngs stored...for example:if you find all pngs in drawable-xhdpi then go to morph folder and renamed all drawable-hdpi folders to drawable-xhdpi... if you find all pngs in drawable-xxhdpi then go to morph folder and renamed all drawable-hdpi folders to drawable-xxhdpi...and if you dont understand anythings that i said then comment here...Thanks !


Thanks for reading...
Happy modding and never stop customization....

Guide By:Me (MD.Shafikul)


Credits: Main Credits:
>> "JRsoft" & "Intronauta" for this awesome flasher
>> "Villain Team" for the concept
>> "Stericson" for "Metamorph" system
>> "Core Utilities" for the tar binary
>> "Blades" for the 7z binary and libs
>> Builders of "zip" and "zipalign" binaries.
>> Testers, especially to:
"SuperCocoV6.5@htcmania", "lexullde@htcmania", "shayne77@xda",
"vvaleta@htcmania" and "eladios@htcmania".
>> "D.O.C@xda" for helping with the translations.


if you like this post then dont forget to click on thanks botton.its will inspaierd me to write more guides....


About Me -> About Me:I am MD.Shafikul from Bangladesh and
a simple themer...
Current device:Symphony xplorer w68 god damn
Current rom:Xperia Honami v2
Current Project:Mini Cayno 'X' 2
Follow me in FB:

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