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LG Optimus VU 2 ( F200S / F200K / F200 L) - discussion, root, recovery, ROMs,

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Default LG Optimus VU 2 ( F200S / F200K / F200 L) - discussion, root, recovery, ROMs,

Since there is no forum page for this "ugly" phone I opened a topic
How to flash ROM KDZ Method
First off I`d like to THANK @quangnhut123 for making a new way & easy way to flash the KDZ Method!!
For Any Reason It does not work for you here is the OLD Hard KDZ Method

1). Download all The Files Below!
1) Firmware Files
V10c: [Download]
V20e: [Download]
V20f: [Download]
V20d: [Download]
V20f: [Download]
V20g: [Download]
V20e: [Download]
V20f: [Download]
V20g: [Download]
2) Download LG Drivers - LG Drivers Here - 10.9 Mb
3) Download LG Flash Tool 2014 tool and extract - LG_Flash_Tool_2014.zip - 3.1 Mb
4) Enter to Download Mode and plug USB into your PC
To enter download mode
A) Turn off your phone
B) HOLD + and - together
C) Connect to USB (do not press Power button)
5) Run LGFlashTool2014.exe and do as following pictures :
(If you cannot run LGFlashTool2014.exe, please install Visual C++ Runtime Library) - VC_RedistInstaller.exe - 47.7 Mb
Normal Flash: Flash ROM without losing any data. Only use this when you need to fix system error. Beware of boot loop when flashing ROM that differ from current ROM on your phone or MOD ROM.
CSE Flash: Choose this option when you need a fresh format. All data will be gone. It's suitable for upgrading or downgrading ROM or simply use this when you need to back to Stock.
No need to choose desired language, it automatically change to English as a default setting.
Wait until 100% to complete !
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Default .TOT file flashing method

TOT method
1. Download Both Stock Image File & DLL file - How to get .TOT files to our devices 3rd post
2. LGFlashTools v1.8 - Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe - 9.3 Mb
3).Download Drivers (ANY LG Phone)- LGUnitedMobileDriverVer_3.8.1.exe - 10.6 Mb
3.2) Download Drivers (Verizon Only) - LG_VZW_United_WHQL_v2.11.1.exe - 7.8 Mb
4.Megalock DLL File
Credit to @madmack for making most of this Guide for the G Pro Which also works on our G2!

1. Install the LG drivers downloaded above.
2. Install LGFlashTools v1.8 (but don't run it)
3. Extract the TOT file from the ZIP

When LG Flash Tool is installed, do not launch it.

7) Copy MegaLock.dll to C:\LG\LGFlashTool, This is a hidden folder so enable "hidden folders". Replace the old MegaLock.dll file if you have already installed LG Flash Tool on your computer.

8) When the firmware is downloaded, boot your LG G2 into Download Mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Up key and then plug the USB cable.

9) Launch LG Flash Tool.

You might see a window with Korean language, just click on OK.

Check the Select Manual Mode on the top.


11) Click the DLL box and choose the dll file from above for you phone model.

12) Click the S/W box and select the firmware file with .tot extension.

13) Now click the Yellow arrow button on the top left of the main window.

The firmware installation will be triggered.

Ignore if you see any temporary error and just wait patiently till it is finished.

Do not close the Flash Tool window.
14) Press and hold power button until phone turns off, leaving usb cable connected to device AND computer ,immediately hold volume up button until phone boots it into Download Mode.

Your LG G2 will restart showing firmware installation progress in percent (%).
When all is done, reboot your phone and enjoy!

Credit to@jimgustafson74 for making a cleaner guide for the TOT Method
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Default Change KDZ to .TOT

Before starting please download the attachment
1)Have to put the exe and kdz rom in same folder and execute the program, it shows a cmd window asking which kdz to convert. Type number and tap enter.
2)Then it does the extraction of kdz, cab and wdb, merge bin files and clean up. At the end it ask for patch bin file with CWM.(Do not flash CWM it is for P970 which is not VU 2 )
3)Before typing "n" copy .dll file somewhere (important)
type "n" (without quotes) and tap enter conversion has end. Have to tap any key to close cmd window.
4)You will have .TOT file in a folder(important)
After that you have a folder named as kdz with bin and fls to flash with smartflashtool.
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Default Root , Recovery, ROMs

How to install root and recovery
Tool is used to install the CWM Recovery even when your device is not rooted, and optionally root the device.
You can download the CWM/root Tool from the link below.


Well - There is not so much development going on The most stable 2 ROMS in Vietnamise and Chinese forums:

GomdoLight Wave 3 for all types S/K/L

Rom Introduction
Dungmoto ROM
Rom Introduction
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Default Stock KIT KAT 4.4.2

There are 2 methods

1st method is for unrooted , stock phones

1) connect to USB
2) select LG Software for lg connection method
3) Install LG PC suite in your PC
4)Click check update (Please do not dissconect your USB)
5)Wait till it downloads and installs it

2nd method is for rooted phones

Download the ZIP for
Download Recovery reboot apk
1)Place your zip and apk to your phone
2)Run the apk
3)Install the recovery reboot from apk
4)Choose Install zip
5) from sdcard
6) choose the ZIP file
8)wipe, reset your phone
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Thumbs up Cyanogenmod for LG Optimus VU 2 . The post is updated every week

Cyanogenmod 11 (KIT KAT 4.4.4) 3rd BETA(13/08/14)

Overall : 9/10 .
Battery life is better than the LG stock 4.4.2 and 4.1.2
Talking through phone is not that pleasing it is not so loud and clear. A bad coding
Remember this is only beta! This build is from Xuehu (bbs.sonyue.com) whom I could not contact in 1 month to post this

Whats working:
Dalvik runtime
ART [don't run XPOSED]
Camera - i thought it would be not that good but its great
mobile radio
UI themes[bugged]
Phone.apk(loud enough)[fixed]
many more

Whats not working
FM radio
LG Q stuff
Panorama mode

Booting process(takes about 1 minute)
Phone.apk[echo on the other line]

How to install
1. Go to the 1st post and install v20(x) version of your model
2. Go to the 4th post and install CWM
3. Go tho the 5th post and install Recovery reboot apk
4. Download CM11 and GAPPS
Cyanogenmod Download Link
5. Copy these files to phone
6. Reboot recovery
7. Install zip
8. Install zip from sdcard
9. Install CM11
10. wipe data/ cache/ dalvik
11. Reboot
12. Wait for it to finish(10-20 minutes)[it takes 1 minute to actually boot do not reboot]
13. And you are done. Thank you! All credits to Xuehu
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Thumbs up hello

Can u show me how to root my lg f200k kitkat 4.4.2? Thanks for reply
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Originally Posted by Jerryfan View Post
Can u show me how to root my lg f200k kitkat 4.4.2? Thanks for reply
Well there is not much.
You have root and install recovery for 4.1.2 (downgrade if you are on 4.4.2) then install the zip that has root and recovery
Here is the link
If you are not interested in recovery thanks to geohot there is an tethered root called towelroot and just click the lyambda ICON.
To activate the root just
open the app
make it ra1n
download superuser from any market
use rooted application (grant root premission)
after reboot root will be gone so you will make it rain again
Xposed and other root applications are working flawelessy
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Default Is the stock ROM fully English?

I have a LG Optimus Vu II (F200L), which came with a weird firmware that has a lot of stuff in korean. Now I'm not sure if this is the official ROM or not. But it doesn't seem very "OFFICIAL" to me and I think it's already rooted (that's weird cause I've never seen a brand new phone which comes pre-rooted). I played around with the settings a lot, to change the language to english completely, but some of the things still come in korean. This is a pretty good phone but the weird korean stuff ruins it.

So, my question is, does the official stock firmware (for which you gave the links in the first post) have everything in english? I don't want any root or custom ROMS or anything. I just want a full english language interface.

And which method should I use for flashing? The first one seems quite simple, but will it work if I'm flashing a stock ROM over a custom rooted one?

EDIT: I tried using the first method to flash the .kdz file onto my Vu II, after connecting it to my PC in download mode, but half-way through the flashing process, it gives an error "Connection to server failed. Try again in a moment." This happened 4 times. Any suggestions?

EDIT AGAIN: Managed to flash the ROM successfully, just had to disconnect from the internet haha. But ah! Even this is partly Korean! So, I guess there is no international version of the official ROM for this phone? Oh well, time to get rid of it.
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Default try the korean sites

try the korean sites for custom roms and stuff. just google for vu2 sonyue or vu2 lgviet.
these sites have quite a few roms for this handset. all u have to translate the pages to english. also u have to be fluent with the flashing process.
pm me if u want to know more.

f200, kdz to .tot, optimus, root vu 2
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