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[Ultimate List]150+ Great Apps/Games You Didn't Know About[UPDATE! 23rd April!]

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Hello, everyone. I have decided to make this thread so that I can share some of my favorite apps with everyone in this community.
But there is one condition. NO SUPER POPULAR APPS.
I haven't posted apps like PowerAMP and Flipboard and Swiftkey. EVERYONE knows about these apps.
The purpose of this thread is to make everyone aware of new apps which are largely unheard of. Apps which are not so popular. I was too tired of seeing numerous lists full of apps I already knew about.

So, here's my list (You probably would've heard of some of these, but I guarantee, not all of them ) -

1) Atom Launcher- A great launcher with many options for customization while maintaining a minimalistic look. I personally recommend Typo Black Theme to go along with it.
Typo Black Theme-

2) WordWeb - In my opinion, THE best dictionary out there. Why? Because its offline. Doesn't require an internet connection!

3) Wallbase - I've tried 'em all and nothing has helped me find better wallpapers than this app. And most of them are full HD.

4) LyricsPlayer - This app shows a notification on the status bar when you're playing music, clicking on it automatically searches for the lyrics and displays them.

5) Holo Compass - The most minimalistic and cool looking compass around.
Here's another - Field Compass Holo

6) Circle Alarm - A holo themed and minimalistic alarm app.
Here's another - AlarmQuick

7) Node- Just a super cool live wallpaper

8) Pimp My Music - This is great for fixing up the ID3 tags in your songs and for finding all the right cover art.

9) T.E.A.M. Battery Bar - This displays a coloured bar on top of the status bar showing the battery level (remember MIUI?). A must have for me.

10) Active Lockscreen - I think this is one of the best lockscreens out there.

11) ConvertIt - Another holo themed and minimalistic app, this one is a unit converter.

12) Phone Addict - This great little app counts how many times I check my phone. Over a period of time, shows the day I checked my phone the most times, the least times, and how often I check on average.

13) Llama - For me this app is a MUST HAVE. I'll explain how it works. Basically, when you're at home or at work, your phone is getting signal from multiple cellphone towers nearby. What this app does is remember these towers and triggers certain profiles when they are in the vicinity. So, when I reach home, my phone automatically turns silent and when none of these towers are in range i.e. when I'm outside, it automatically increases the ring volume. You'll have to let it scan once, of course.

14) Godville - This is a super simple game. You are God and you create your hero and lead him on quests etc. Superb time-killer.

15) Plasma Sound HD - This is a super cool app which lets you create music which is visually stunning too. Try it out yourself.

16) Sensor Music Player - A music player which lets you use various sensors to change track, pause etc. For example, if I'm using my headphones and my phone is in my pocket, I can just tap my pocket to change the track. Pretty cool. eh?

17) Clockr - A text based clock similar to minimalistic text, but just simpler.

18) TasteKid - This is a very handy app. All you have to do is type the names of certain movies, music artists, books you like and it analyzes your taste and suggests similar movies, music, books etc.

19) My Device Storage Analyser - This app has a very nice UI and is a simple way of finding out which files are eating up your space.
Another Alternative is Disk Usage -

20) Pew Pew - It is a retro style arcade game which is one of my all time favourite mobile games. Must try.

21) Wifi Key Recovery - Ever forgotten your wifi password and cursed yourself about it? Not to worry! This app generates a list of all the wifi networks you’ve ever used WITH passwords. How’s that, huh? Of course, you need root.

22) Playboard - This is an amazing app which has helped me find many other useful apps. This app basically fulfills the purpose of this thread.
Here is another - Best Android Apps

23) NexMusic - A very nice holo themed, simple and minimalistic music player.
Shuttle Music Player - A beautiful, minimalistic and Google now themed music player.

24) AppGratis - This is an amazing app which tells you which paid apps are are currently free for the day. Take full advantage of it!

25) Flib - I have already shared a unit converter here, but this one is so awesome, I just HAD to share it. Very nice UI and surprisingly small in size.
This one is my new favourite - ConvertBee

26) Run in Crowd - A great multiplayer running game.

27) ShrtnR - Hate those dreadfully long URLs? This holo themed app is the solution!

28) Daydream Launcher - Love daydream and wanna use it without a dock or while charging? Here is your solution.

29) Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer - A beautiful stopwatch and timer.

30) HoloCalc - A simple and beautifully themed calculator.<br />

31) Next Browser - A new browser by the famous GO Dev team.

32) Glovebox Launcher - This is an Ubuntu inspired app which takes multitasking to another level. Swipe from the left or right of your screen and it displays a set of configurable Apps/shortcuts etc.
A similar app for more advanced users is - SwipePad

32) Software Data Cable - This lets you wirelessly sync folders between your computer and phone with a high transfer speed.
IMO, this on is the best - Fast File Transfer<br />

33) RoundR - Hate the sharp edges of your screen? This app gives a rounded look to your screen! It makes my S4 look great, especially in the dark.

34) Copy - This is a new cloud storage service which gives 15 GB of free storage!!<br />

35) Jumpr - A simpler and holo themed version of doodle jump.

36) NowSMS - A minimalistic messaging app which is inspired by the Google Now cards ui. No MMS support, though. But I love anything holo.

37) Clock Now - A beautiful Google Now-themed clock.

38) Flava - A great looking note-taking app with a timeline.

39) Climatip - A weather app with a difference. It shows you what you should wear before going out rather than boring temperatures. Great UI too.

40) MyRealFont - An awesome app which let's you create your own fonts using your own handwriting! How cool is that?

41) Colours - Ever wanted to set a solid color as your wallpaper? This app is the solution!

42) Keymonk - A refreshingly new keyboard which has gesture typing with 2 fingers! It takes some time getting used to, but significantly increases speed.

43) SuperBeam - This app is the fastest way to transfer data from one android phone to another using WiFi direct or NFC. The fastest. Period.

44) InstaWifi - Ever wanted to share your WiFi network with someone, but you just can't remember the password? This app is the solution. It let's the other person either scan a QR code from your phone or you could send the WiFi details using NFC.

45) Timetable - Just can't remember you class timings in school/college? This beautiful app is the solution!
Here's another alternative - Studious

46) Maluuba - Maluuba is a great voice assistant with an awesome UI. Almost always understand what I wanna say.
Another great vice assistant - utter!

47) GoogleNowWallpaper HD - Love Google now's background? This let's you set it as your wallpaper. There are even options of auto-changing the wallpaper according to the time of the day.

48) Persist(Volume Control) - Ever feel irritated when you accidentally switch off silent mode by pressing the volume button? No more! This app locks the volume button.

49) Tagy Widgets- This is a very cool app which let's you make widgets that look like tags.

50) Blindscape - This is an awesome game which is one of the best I've played in a long time. This game relies purely on sound and touch. Great concept and engrossing storyline. Must try.

51)Chartix - A Google Now themed app to keep track of all the latest music charts.

52) The Silent Age - A great game set in the 1970's. Very interesting storyline.

53) Miseria - A very intriguing puzzle game with great visuals and nice soundtrack too.

54) Hydro - A beautiful app which reminds you how often to drink water and remain hydrated.

55) Paths - Just a beautifully simple game.

56) Cut My Puzzle - This cool app let's you make jigsaw puzzles using your own photos!

57) Voxel Rush 3D - A very cool accelerometer controlled game with great graphics.

58) Chob - Help Chob eat all the chocolates! This is a great game.

59) Jumper Online - Great game in which you control a cube across different levels of obstacles. Has some old school music too.

60) DataSync - This awesome app let's you sync application data between different devices! Requires root though.

61) Music Fall - A beautiful app to download music and to discover new music as well.
Here's another great alternative - LazySong

62) Sporos - A beautifully simple yet challenging puzzle game.

63) Lightopus - This is a stunning game with full HD support. Must try.

64) Countdown Widget - Wanna know how many days left till an important date? This app is the solution.

65) Hotspot Shield VPN - This nifty little app removes the "this item is not available in your country" limitation from certain apps on the PlayStore. Here are the instructions -
Originally Posted by w1040

first of all dowload hotspot shield vpn. And click on 'protect my connection!' And click yes, then wait for the icon from red turn to green.

Then go to settings>apps and find play store. Click on force close and clear cache. Dont clear data!

Then open play store walaa, your playstore changed to US play store.
Here is another alternative, which also increases internet speed - Hola

66) Control Centre - Love the new iOS control centre? This app is the solution.

67) User Dictionary Plus - Tired of adding all your personally used words in the keyboard dictionary? This app learns all your words from your social networks.

68) BarLauncher - Using this app, you can permanently fix your favourite and most frequently used apps to the notification bar for super easy access.

69) Mega - This new cloud storage app gives 50 GB of free space!

70) Hex - In this simple game two players race to connect their sides of the board. Great UI too.

71) Boot Box - THE best app to discover new boot animations.

72) PowerLine - This is an awesome app which displays bars on the edges of your screen indicating battery, internal memory etc. Must try!!

73) Fast Search - If you're not on a nexus device, do you find it annoying to have to go to your app drawer to use Search? No more! This app lets you have an transparent overlay clicking on which takes you directly to Google Now.

74) Default App Manager - This app is for people like me are too lazy to manage app defaults by individually going to the app's settings.

75) Robot Unicorn Attack 2 - The second installment to the hit running game, this one is a great time killer.

76) Balls - A super simple game in which you connect as many balls of the same value as possible. Simple yet Addictive.

77) Tapp Down - This app counts how many times you can tap the screen in a limited amount of time. Its fun to compare your scores with the rest of the world.

78) Fenix Box & Boxel - Both these games are pretty similar. Basically, you manuver a square over and around obstacles. Worth a try.

79) Arc Ball - Remember Pong? Or Breakout? This game is just like that. There is 2 player mode also. Great fun.

80) Color Flood - This is the simplest and the most beautiful version of the classic game- Flood it!

81) Holo Ring LWP - A futuristic and super cool wallpaper.

82) Twisty Launcher - This app takes the Moto X shake gestures to another like. Like the Moto X, you can flick your phone twice and it'll open the camera. Many other customisable gestures await you.

83) Beautiful Stripes Live - Another beautiful and modern live wallpaper. Must try.

84) 3D Tiles Parallax - This really cool live wallpaper gives a depth to your screen, much like the parallax effect of the iOS 7 wallpaper.

85) Disable Service - This great app let's you disable individual services running in the background without disabling the actual app. Frees up quite some RAM. Root required.

86) Helium App Sync and Backup - This is THE best backup solution out there. Of course, it shares the top spot with Titanium Backup. Must have for me.

87) My Tracks- This is the best app to track your progress while you're running, biking etc. It's displays your speed, distance traveled, elevation etc.

88) Million Moments - This app is a beautiful way of organising all your photos.

89) Audio Glow Music Visualizer - This is an awesome music visualizer with a glow effect. Super cool!

90) Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper - As the name suggests, this is a wallpaper which is like the beautiful back of the nexus 4. Customizable too.

91) Ditalix Live Wallpaper Suit - This is one of my favorite live wallpapers. Its has a themes section where you can download separate themes too. Extremely customizable.

92) Pou - This is a super simple game. Pou is like owning a virtual alien pet. Great fun!

93) Phone 2 Google Chrome - Everyone those about Chrome to Phone; but what about the other way round? This app is the solution!

94) Embiggen - This app provides a cool way of communicating with your friends when you're together at places where you can't talk, like the library or a movie theater.

95) Beautiful Stripes - This is an absolutely gorgeous Live Wallpaper. Must try!

96) Timely Alarm Clock - This app is abso-friggin-lutely one of the best looking alarms on the Play Store. Love it!
And this one is just as good, if not better - TimeSwipe

97) Holo Wikipedia - As the name suggests, this is just a simple but nice-looking Wikipedia client.

98) Circular Timer - A very interesting and beautiful timer.

99) Drawnetic : Kinetic Drawing - Use this app to draw beautiful designs and abstract art. Very interesting.

100) Habit Browser - An amazing new browser. Must try!

If you found this list useful, please press the thanks button and rate this thread 5 stars.

Also, please inform me about broken links or any other errors and I will fix it immediately.

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Originally Posted by I r o n M a n

To no one in particular - Please don't use this thread as a means of promotion for an app developed by you. Sharing an app not made by you is fine. But if you want an app made by you to be included on this list, please PM me first. This is because we all are human and hence biased towards our own apps. I will review it and will definitely put it in the list, should I find it good enough.

Please leave a comment for suggestions that you have and any advice on how I can make the thread better, I really appreciate it!

Honourable Mentions -

1) Twilight - Ever have trouble falling asleep after using your phone/tablet late at night? This is the app for you! It actually works great. Must-have for me.

2) Zyan Drench - A beautiful Flood It! alternative.

3) Readmill - A beautiful and useful ebook reader.

4) Awoken - This is a must have for any lucid dreamers out there. Great app.

5) Gravity Badgers - Just a super cool game.

6) Voxle - A great location based social network.

7) Cover Lock Screen - A great and innovative new lockscreen with profiles for home, work etc.

8) CPU Spy Reborn - As the name implies, this app is a better looking version of our favourite CPU Spy

9) Habit Flow - This a great app to track your habits and get rid of bad ones :P. The UI is minimal and beautiful.

10) The Talker App - This is an extremely innovative app which provides a new way to interact with your phone. It triggers certain actions when a condition is triggered. Must try!

11) Inbox - A great messenger app which even lets you undo sent messages! Is great for privacy too.

12) Q4 Keyboard - A very innovative keyboard which sorts letters into 4 keys. Prediction isn't always perfect, but a great idea nontheless.

13) FotoRus - A great app for editing photos and making collages. Does have some annoying ads though.

14) Shape Shuffle - A simple and clean puzzle game suitable for all ages. Nicely done.

15) Crow in Hell - A pretty cool game which seems inspired by Badlands.

16) C Launcher - This is a very clean launcher with simple animations and nice UI.

17) trakAk MovieExpress - A functional video editer and video mixer.

18) Hopeless: The Dark Cave - A super cool game, specially for kids.

19) Redirect File Organiser - This is one of my favourite apps. This helps in sorting all your photos, videos and music to a folder of your choice. Must try!

20) Dolphin Zero - Hands down the best incognito browser out there!

21) Brainsquare - A beautiful puzzle game.

22) Soundrop - A great way to discover new music. This app is like a social network for music.

23) SwatchMatic - An awesome app which lets you detect colours in any picture your choose and also suggests matching colours. Must try!

24) AirCalc - Ever wanted to calculate something while reading something else on your phone? AirCalc is the answer! This is a simple floating calculator.

25) MyDroid System Info - This super useful app gives you real time information about your phone like storage, ram, system resources etc. And it does so by a beautiful UI. Must try!

26) BlackPlayer - Just a simple music player with the usual functions like equaliser, lockscreen, widgets etc.

27) Solo Battery Saver - Hands down the most good looking battery saver out there. Must try!

28) Hash Private Messenger - This is a great private messenger which automatically deletes messages after a certain period of time.

29) 500 Firepaper - This innovative app made by our very own Chainfire displays a beautiful new wallpaper every day. Must try!

30)DroidPapers - Love stock wallpapers from a Samsung phone, or from an HTC or any other? This is the app for you! This contains a database of the stock wallpapers from many phones. Great app,

Added on 23th April 2014-

31) Pixelation - This awesome old-school inspired LWP will completely change the look of your phone!

32) Wiizm Music Player - An advanced music player with an awesome UI!

33) Groove Racer - This is one of the most beautiful racing games I've ever played. Must try.

34) Mime-O - This app will revolutionize how you use the traditional copy-paste on your phone. A must have!

35) Strava Running and Cycling GPS - In my opinion, this is THE best app you can get for running and cycling with GPS applications. It has a beautiful UI and is very well designed.

36) Muzei LWP - This app is constantly updating your homescreen with famous works of art which have been slightly blurred for added effect. Very beautiful.

37) Tidy - THE best and most beautiful app to organize your photographs. A must have!

38) Calcu : The Ultimate Calculator - With an appropriate name, this is indeed the ultimate calculator. My favourite calculator on the market.

39) Snapseed - One of my favourite applications for editing my pictures.

40) Instant - A beautiful alarm clock and calendar with holo UI.

Paid Apps Section (WIP) -

1) Klok - This is a great and minimalistic UCCW clock.

2) Pulsate - This is a visually stunning music synthesizer. You'll either love it or hate it.

3) NodeBeat - A very interesting game which lets you create soothing music.

4) Stark - Simple and minimal icon pack.

5) Audio Glow LWP - A futuristic, neon type equalizer for a wallpaper. Super cool

6) Device Info Ex LWP - Ultra modern live wallpaper which gives you live information about your device.

7) Minimal UI - A beautiful and minimal icon pack.

8) 99M Pro - An awesome music player with an interesting UI.

9) Smart IR Remote - If you have a phone with an IR Blaster (like the S4 or the HTC One), this is THE app for you. It supported every single electronic I throw at it!

10) Unicon - This amazing app lets you apply apex/nova/go icon packs to the stock launcher! Root required.

11) Flatro - A beautiful and flat icon pack consisting of circle shaped icons.

12) Zombies, Run! - Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure. It gives reality a twist. Must try!

13) Music Player (Remix) - A powerful and customizable music player

14) Ice Rage - An awesome and addictive ice hockey game.

15) Snack Pack - Another beautiful icon pack.

16) Tiny Thief - One of my favourite games. Its cute and addictive. Must try.

17) Electric Sheep LWP - An infinitely updating, never repeating ultra modern live wallpaper.

18) Goolors Icons - A great icon pack.

19) The Nautilus - A super cool interactive live wallpaper inspired by Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. Must try.

20) Hexacon - A beautiful icon pack of hexagon shaped icons.

21) Nexus Triangles LWP - A simple and beautiful live wallpaper.

22) Blood Run - An awesome and addictive ninja-type game.

23) Motif - A minimalistic and beautiful icon pack.

24) Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery - This is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Awesome game!

15) LockIt - The simplest and best looking tool to put a lock on your applications.

26) Click UI - Another beautiful icon pack with circular shaped icons.

27) The Walking Dead: Assault - A nice game with great visuals.

28) Multi Cpoy Paste! - How many times do you find yourself wanting to copy more than 1 thing in you clipboard? All the time? This is the app for you!

29) Zyan Drench - A beautiful Flood It! alternative.

30) Minuum Keyboard - One of the most innovative keyboards around. Makes typing super simple.

31) MMII Flat Theme - A flat themed icon pack. The wallpapers are awesome!

32) Call PopOut - Ever get irritated if you get a call during the middle of doing some work or playing a game on your phone? No more! This app displays a non-intrusive little popup from which you can pick up, reject or silence the call without stopping what you're doing.

33) Moves - Simple the most beautiful fitness tracker out there. Must try!

34) Eternel - Another absolutely beautiful icon pack

35) SimpleRockets - A great physics based, rocket-building game.

36) Holo Text Clock - A holo themed text based clock with a great UI.

37) dialapp - The dialer which "Magically knows who you want to call". Worth a try

38) flatshade - A flat and shaded icon pack.

39) Apple Frog - An interactive and cute live wallpaper.

40) Pivvot - Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance that will consistently test and challenge your ability to make quick, impulsive decisions.

41) Serkel - One of my favourite flat and circle shaped icon packs.

42) Runtastic Heart Rate Pro - This best heart rate monitor on the play store.

43) Dokuro - An absolutely gorgeous game with a nice storyline and decent graphics,

44) Fight Fight Zombanite! - This is an ultra awesome zombie blasting game. Must try!

45) ExZeus 2 - A 3D shooting game, with nice graphics.

46) BlurIt - This is a must have app for you if you love blurred wallpapers. It turns any wallpaper you want into a blurred version.

47) Bladeslinger - An awesome game with great graphics.

Added on 23rd April 2014-

48) Minimal Ringtones - If you are like me and hate the over-complicated and noisy default ringtones this is the app for you! It has a big collection of simple and minimal ringtones.

49) Out There - This is one of the best games I've played in a long time, with a great storyline and well worth the money they are asking for it.

50) Tondo Premium - One of the best circular icon packs on the market besides Click UI.

51) Behang - This a great collection of some absolutely beautiful wallpapers by a very talented artist.

52) DropSpot - This innovative app lets you access your phone's files on your computer using any browser.

53) Syberia - An amazing game with an intriguing storyline and impressive graphics.

54) VidStitch Pro - This beautiful app lets you make super cool collages using pictures as well as videos!

If you found this list useful, please press the thanks button and rate this thread 5 stars.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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Looking good. I already installed more than 10 apps/games.

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nice list. most of the apps i used earlier. ill try the other new apps
add habit browser to the list.
before adding to list i recommend you to try it
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4 good oder it started here:

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Originally Posted by wesjeex3

Looking good. I already installed more than 10 apps/games.

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Great. Be sure to try Pew Pew

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Originally Posted by reversegear

nice list. most of the apps i used earlier. ill try the other new apps
add habit browser to the list.
before adding to list i recommend you to try it

Looking it up right now.

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Great list and great idea for a list!! I have tried most of the apps but i found many more new and useful ones in your list. The pew pew by the way is addictive!!
I hope you gonna add apps to the list in time
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Great idea ! Thanks !

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