Default run android apps on linux

Im working currently on an open source project, that brings android apps to linux.
There were some attempts made in the past to do this, like IcedRobot, which AFAIK is abandoned now. An other solution is the Alien/Turbo dalvik from Myriad but it has a proprietary license.
My project is based on the AOSP, but without bionic and runs without any android kernel modules.
So far I replaced the android build system with cmake/ant and I'm working currently on the standalone wrapper for the android app. ART (dalvik successor) is already running on my x86-64 gentoo linux machine.
The wrapper is able to parse and launch a simple Hello World apk from the console, but no GUI is available.
I'm working on the wayland interface and hope I can release the wrapper soon. The problem is that the framework-base repository is too large (>1Gb) for google code, so maybe I'll only upload a patch.
gentoo users can install the overlay with layman:
layman -a gentroid

Repositories are hosted on