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Szsion dual core A9 android 4.2 1024x600 car radios

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Originally Posted by nimraynn

Music player
I'll admit I kinda like the music player app's layout, but it doesn't seem to work properly. It'll play my music, but I've got two issues, one is a minor one, the other is a massive one.
The minor issue is that every time I start the app from fresh, it's turned shuffle off. Not a big deal to just press the shuffle button, but why does it do that?!
The major issue is that it has no real ability to read ID3 tags. I use iTunes (latest version) on either my MacBook Pro (10.10.1) or my desktop PC (Win8.1) to copy files to a microSD card which I've placed in the left hand SD slot on the unit. They're all MP3 320KBPS files, sorted into a folder structure generally of: SDCardRoot\Music\Artist\Album\01 Track Name.mp3. The music player app is able to find all these files, but the tags are all wrong. It's getting the tags from random other files, ones that I have on there, but they rarely match the file... The track name will always be the filename, the rest is random. For example, I'll be playing for example, "I Feel You Now" by "Moog" from the album "I Feel You Now [Single]". The music player will tell me I'm playing "01 I Feel You Now" by "David Gray" from the album "Hybrid Theory". More often than not (but not always), the artist and album match each other, so it might say "Linkin Park" and "Hybrid Theory" which match each other, but they'll still be miles off the actual track. Any other device I've used has no problems reading the tags, although admittedly I've not yet tried another media player.
In the event I try another media player and it works fine (which I expect to be highly likely), is it possible to change the "Music" button on the home screen so point to the new app?

A weird one with this part of it. This morning, I came out to the car and it'd shut down so started from cold boot. Once it booted up, opened the Music player and had no music!

Saw a menu button, so pressed that and had a list of:


If I select "All" it tells me that's what I'm already viewing. If I select SD, it says "sdhcDoes not exist". If I select USB, it says "usbDoes not exist". I didn't try iNAND as I don't know what that is.

I ejected the SD card from the left slot (the one labelled "SD CARD") and a message pops up at the top of the screen to say SD card removed. When I reinsert it, it says "Preparing SD card" at the top. Once that message clears, give it a few minutes, still no music!

Opened up the file explorer and I can see a "C:" and "D:" tab (pretending to be Windows??). The "D:" tab shows me my SD card contents and I can see all my music on the car. So why can't the unit find it?

If I tap on an MP3 player, the Music player pops up and starts playing the track. AND it gets the tags right! The tracks I tried with I know it fluffed the tags before, but this time they're correct! But after it's finished playing the track, it just starts it again. The "Repeat" option is set to "All" not "Single", so it's not like I've told it to repeat that track. There are about 40 tracks in this particular folder, so I'd have expected it to pick another track in that folder... but no, it just plays that one track on loop, you have to go back out and use the file explorer to find your next track, every time.

As a test, I thought seeing as Android is going to be reading both SD card slots, wondered if it would read it if I put it in the right hand slot (the one labelled "GPS CARD"). Ejected the card and swapped it over, as soon as it's done "Preparing SD card", the Music player pops up with everything in the library! I remember when I first installed the unit, it took a few minutes to run through and work everything out, but this time it didn't, it just found it all instantly, so it knows its the same card with the same music, but it's reading it from the different slot. And now all the tags have messed up again as well

Swapped the card back to the left SD card slot, Music still can't read it but File Explorer can. Swap it back into the right SD card slot, Music can read it.

So TL;DR version:
It stopped reading my SD card in the left slot, but found it again as soon as I put it in the right slot.
Music player can read tags perfectly if you open the file directly, but not if you let it auto-discover the tracks in the library.

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