Wink Unlock Android Phone With PC [USB/WiFi}

Unlock Android Phone (Screen) with a PC through USB/WiFi.

Run "Lock and Unlock.bat" to lock/unlock your android phone.

[First Time Set-up]
1. Open Setting folder
2. Run "Change IP.bat" to change your PHONE IP Address. It can obtain from WiFi Setting. This should change everytime when you change your WiFi. Otherwise, it's not necessary.
3. Run "Change XY.bat" to change the coordinate of movement of pointer the moment you unlock your phone. Type in this format : xxx yyy xxx yyy. The first set of "xxx yyy" is the start point of swipe and the second set of "xxx yyy" is the end point of swipe. The value con be obtain from Settings>Developer Options>Pointer Location
4. Back to the root of the folder, run the "Connect.bat"
5. That's all.

1. No respond after running "Lock and Unlock.bat"?
- Run the "Disconnect.bat" and run the "Connect.bat". And try to run "Lock and Unlock.bat" again.
2. More problem? Email me :

Download link is at below. Updated 3/9/2014

Created by Henry Lim, Sept 2013
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