Default [Q] Android CPU Monitor Questions - Idle CPU 10%

Hi XDA folks! Sorry if this has been posted before, I looked and can't find any information.

I installed CPU memory monitor on my Note 3 and closed all background applications in "active applications". I also greenify literally everything that doesn't cause a problem. However, the CPU usage on my android device, with absolutely nothing open except the CPU monitor, is about 10%.

On my PC, when idle, the CPU usage never goes above 3% (i7 @ 4.5ghz), however shouldn't my phone do the same? The most resource intensive process is cpumonitor itself - using 2% CPU. System stays about .5-3%.

My theory is that, because the phone is underclocked to a very low frequency when idle, any little task will use a bit of CPU percentage. Is my theory correct?

I also noticed a lot of RAM is used idle, but this is no problem to me. I know unused RAM is better, it is good that Android caches everything it can.

Thanks a lot
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