Default Cant find app folders for half the apps i have?

I was just wondering if anyone can help me. I have many apps such as candy crush, my flashlight, farm heroes saga, and disneys hidden worlds to name a few, for which i cannot find where the game folder (most commonly "com.something.somethingelse" on my device at all. ive looked everywhere it will let me within my file manager and using my computer via usb... i cannot find such folders.

Ive been playing with directory bind and got it to work, but i dont know how im supposed to move the things i cannot see?? How do i tell my phone to move it to the external sd card if i dont know where to tell it the data is stored currently?

Other apps i have, have folders, but nothing within the folders, such as my simpsons tapped out game. I have not done anything with directory bind with this game. i have quite a few instances of this as well-none of which ive touched with directory bind.

how are either of these situations possible? I have hidden files visible on my phone and just looked again and still there is still no such luck.

what else can i try?