Default [Q] Automatic App Data backup to the cloud, like iCloud?

I am looking for an app that will backup my App Data to the cloud, something like iCloud for iOS.

I don't want to backup whole apps, apk, just app data, so that in case of emergency, I can change device and restore, and i am as before.

Can somebody suggest apps?

I found DataSync, but it seems more oriented to app sync between android devices, and the automatic feature is only for pro version, if it works I can also buy it, but are there other solutions?

Device 1: OnePlus One 64GB (KK 4.4.2 | CM11s)
Device 2: Nexus 10 16GB (KK 4.4.4)
Other projects: ROM Stats v2.0 beta | weekly init.d scripts | Daily Free App @ Amazon (Europe SUPPORTED)