Default [Q] Cannot get in Bootloader

I have a Point of View PROTAB 3XXL. I am trying to flash a boot.img, without reason 'cause I just want to experiment with my tablet. But the problem is that I can;t get in bootloader/fastboot mode! I can get into recovery by using vol +/power. But I just can't manage to get it in bootloader.
I tried this:
vol -/power : just boots device
vol -&+/power : doesn't boot it at all
adb reboot bootloader : same as above; nothing at all. First have to reset before I can turn it on.
adb reboot-bootloader : "" ""
Quickboot Bootloader option : "" ""
I dont have any options left :'( so does anyone have an option or solution?? Is it possible that my POV just doesn't have a bootloader.