Default [Q] Control mouse cursor via Android camera and hand tracking (or LED)

I'd like to control an Android mouse cursor with the camera and hand-tracking (or a colored LED), just moving my hands, it should work as if I had plugged in a real mouse.
After a long extensive search, I only found this app that does exactly what I want, but it's head tracking based, so it's no use for me: [MouSense for Android]
The funny thing is that there're a pletora of hand tracking solutions like this for PC/Mac/Linux with full source code avaible, I'm surprised no one has ever made one for Android, I found some hand gesture recognizers, but I need to control the whole device, not just detect a limited amount of hand gestures.
I bet many disabled people would benefit from it, like controlling an Android device connected to a tv. Can anyone help me or find a solution (I tried REALLY hard), please? I'd be very grateful if you can help me or even just suggest a solution, thanks!