Hello, good samarians of this forum, i am here because i am in dire need of help.
My problem is that i have a 32GB sdcard and my tablet has 2 separate 1GB internal memories wich is not enough for any decent sized movie or even bigger games. I have rooted my tablet and i know how to edit vold.fstab for the extsd to become internal memory, but the thing is my tablet only recognises the sdcard as 1gb aswell. What is going on, please help me solve this. never happened before
EDIT: well, it took me 3 hours of hair pulling before i post this, and 5 mintues afterwards to figure out whats wrong. When restarting tablet DO NOT have the "quick boot" option on, for that is most likely the culprit to my errors. As soon as i restarded without that my tablet fully recognises then 29.something GB card and now its my internal memory ^^ sorry for the trouble.