Default "Forced Upload by Key Pressing"?

Hey guys so I've recently tried to root my Samsung Tab 3 7.0 T210. Something went wrong and now it's "Soft" bricked, I think. I cannot reach recovery mode, but I can access some sort of "Forced Upload" screen? No matter what button combination I perform (Vol Up+Home+Power or Vol Down+Home+Power) it brings me to this screen. It says at the top "FORCED UPLOAD by KEY PRESSING" and it has one red line which states [MV] CableType=3. Odin still recognizes it as "Added" if I plug it into my PC, but I cannot run anything through ODIN because it gets stuck at "Setup Connection...". I'm assuming it's doing that because it's not the same download mode? I've accessed ODIN Download Mode before on this device but now this is the only screen I can bring up.