Lightbulb Future of x86 emulation on Android


I'm asking about the future of emulating x86 PC on ARM based Android devices.

Anything you can find is from 2012 or older, aimed to single- or first dual-core devices. Guys trying to run Windows XP on their single core Moto DROID etc.
Now, devices don't limit us, we have 2.3GHz Quad-Core CPU, 2GB and more RAM, not bad NAND and GPUs suporting OpenGL and DirectX API's.

We have about 4 option now - DOSBox, Bochs, QEMU, Limbo

DOSBox - Emulating very low spec HW, can run DOS based Windows (9x, ME)

Bochs - Old version of Bochs, old version of SDL, stable but slow

QEMU - Old version of QEMU, old version of SDL, unstable but fast(er)

Limbo - pretty good HW, not very fast, based on old version of QEMU (1.1.0), abandoned project

This is where we stopped,
but i have few ideas about what to do next:

PORT latest version of Bochs and QEMU, also regular APK builds from source + regular builds of SDL

It will be good to re-open the project Limbo. Before maintainer closed it, rebase to newer QEMU was planned, so, after new version of QEMU will be ported to android, it can be used as base.

KVM can also make emulation better for x86 devices

If there will be a 3D video adapter emulation with at least power of Voodoo3 it will be amazing!

Imagine things like Age of Empires 2, Might & Magic IV, or Warcraft 3 (not naming other awesome titles) on our phones or tablets.

Finally, i'm asking you people that want to push this project forward and continue developing it.

Thanks to everybody that will do so.

Limbo on
Limbo on
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