Default [Q] Hello, please I need help to move apps to SD in LG L70 phone.

Hello, well, I'm sorry if this thread shouldn't be here, I'm a new user =D. But well, I ask help please, I hope to find an answer.

See, I've rooted my phone, but I can't move the apps to SD. I partitioned the SD for using Link2SD and it recognize the partition ext2, but can't create the links for apps. I fixed the problem the SD for writing (I can copy, cute and paste from internal storage to SD and inverse? - Sorry, my english is basic and don't have enough megabytes for using an English-Spanish dictionary =D-). So, I think that LG made a good job locking the system. I found some apps for trying to solve the problem, but I think the system protects of they (like Force2SD, Final App2SD, etc.) because don't let me install them, it says that the device don't have enough memory, but does let me install other apps heavier, like facebook. So, the system doesn't give permissions for move apps although the device is rooted. For now, I read that my only salvation is installing a Custom ROM. But there is no ROM for my device until now . Someone knows another option for help me?