Unhappy [Q] HELP!!! Can't Root My MT737 (MyTec Tablet, made in Malaysia)

Hello. Can anyone help me to root my tablet? It's Mytec MT737.

Android Version : 4.2.2
Release Codename: REL
CPU ABI : armeabi-v7a
Hardware: sun8i
Board : exdroid
Brand: Allwinner-Tablet
Device: polaris-p1
Display : GT736FB25Cd-TPa2-V1.0.0.0-20140327release

Please, anyone.. Help me..
FYI, already tried One Click Root, Kingo Root, E-Root, Myamar Root, Master Root....No luck..Cant root either..FYI also, i cant detect where my adb on sdcard.. and....theres no auto install phone device when i connected my tablet to PC via USB..Please9.. Help me......ANyone????Tysm for advance....