Default [Q] Need Help with Toshiba Excite

Hi guys this is my first time posting here, back in February i moved from a really cold place in the middle of no where Canada, during a two hour ride to the airport i left my toshiba excite (at300) in my duffle bag in -40 celcius in the back of my truck, it didn't get wet because it was really dry out but the tablet never worked properly again. Since then every time i turn on the tablet it get's stuck at the colourful boot screen and nothing else, i have done a full rest using the volume up/power command and a cache wipe (probably 15-20 times now) and nothing has changed. I stuck my blackberry playbook in the freezer for 4 days recently and after 2 years it turned on again and works like a charm (better than it did before ) so i did the same with my Toshiba, after the toshiba broke it would never get a full charge and now it does, so i did something right (still get's stuck at colourful boot screen). My question is how the heck can i fix this if i can, i've looked everywhere for ROM's and that sort but i have absolutely no experience with rooting so i'm clueless, i've heard that the bootloader is locked so i'm pretty much screwed, any help or idea's is appreciated