Default How can I download from Google Play using a Bluestacks very old build 0721 ?

I have an old laptop that is running Bluestacks build 0721 Beta, which is great news. But I'm having problems trying to download a specific app that I can only get from Google play.

The main problem is Google Play doesn't come pre-installed, and so through trial and error I've had to to install the ADW Launcher app from the pre-installed mobile1 app, which allows me to at least get to the Google Play homepage.

But this then asks me for my Google account and password which I enter, which then causes it to promptly return to the ADW Launcher home.

I think the problem is that although I can add a Facebook and Twitter account with this version, I can't add a Google account. I've tried to download the current Google Gmail app, but it says my device isn't compatible.

Any of you guys know how I can get get Google Play to download apps on the first downloadable build 0721 of Bluestacks?