Info 2 How to automate adb push commands?


I want to run the following sequence of push commands:

adb push /sdcard/DCIM C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\DCIM
adb push /sdcard/Download C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\Download
adb push /sdcard/Pictures C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\Pictures
adb push /sdcard/rcb2 C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\rcb2
adb push /sdcard/Ringtones C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\Ringtones
adb push /sdcard/SMSBackupRestore C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\SMSBackupRestore
adb push /sdcard/Tasker C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\Tasker
adb push /sdcard/TitaniumBackup C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\TitaniumBackup
adb push /sdcard/WhatsApp C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\WhatsApp

in a script format that I can use in a Tasker task.

What is the best way to achieve this to ensure all the commands are run in turn (with some form of wait function, I'd guess) and also notifies if any errors (or at least logs errors for me to check afterwards)?

Edit: Obviously if it is being run in Tasker it will be a push command, doh!