Default How to unbrick a HTC One S without JTAG?

To cut it short, my phone was running Sense as per usual. After I rebooted it, the phone did not boot up at all. Last time, it can get to Hboot to go to TWRP now all of em' is not working. I remember wiping data & reset it thru TWRP too.

Rite now,
If i were to power on my phone, nth happens.

Charging while powering on with vol down shows a instant white flicker across the screen and the notif LED will light up to the duration I press the power button.

Plugging to a computer doesn't show anything. My notif led will light up for a few secs and it goes off doing so.

No QHSUSB_DLOAD issue either...

All of this was reported by friend, i can't rmb anyth else other than all these.

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