Default [Q] My Huawei problem stuck on bootloop. Help!

My device is Huawei Ascend Y300

This thing happened when I
tried to root my device using a
third party app callled ROOT
MASTER. I didn't know if I
installed it successfully because
of the chinese language. The
next I did is I was able to install
SuperSu and Chainfire 3D. The
problem occured when Chainfire
3D prompt that may device
should be rebooted. then when
it was rebooted, I stuck up on a
Bootloop mode or I cannot
move any further and hung up
on a Huawei logo. I don't know
if I rooted my device
successfully. I don't know what
to do. Please help me sir.

Hey guys,
I'm using this device for a year
now and happy about its
performance. The problem
occured yesterday when I
attempt to root my device. I
started on Installing root master
and didn't even know if it was
successful because the root
master is in chinese language.
Next thing I did is to install
SuperSU it was also successful.
The problem occured when I
install Chainfire pro. After the
installation I opened it and the
CF3D ask some prompt like
installing CF3D in the device
and I pressed OK and the will
reboot afterwards. Then when it
was rebooted my device
stucked at Bootloop mode or
Huawei Ascend logo and
cannot move further. I didn't
know what to do. Please help
me guys and sorry with my