Tablet [Q] ipc-M10G by Magic King

Hello everyone and thank you for the great work!

I have in my hands a 10inch tablet with dual SIM that saves me having to carry multiple devices during my frequent travel.... But I would like to unlock the bootloader and root it... obviously

Is there anyone who can lead me to some tentative procedures to finding out how to root/unlock?

The device has:
  • Power button
  • Back button
  • Vol+ button
  • Vol- button
I found that Power-Vol+ gives me access to the Android System Recovery, the screen looks like this:
Android system recovery <3e>
Volume up/down to move highlight;
enter button to select.
reboot system now
apply update from ADB
apply update from sdcard
apply update from cache
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
backup user data
restore user data
I don't want to change the ROM, just root it to clean it up a bit.
Can someone help me?

Thank you,
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