Question [Q] Looking for an app that has gone away or how to replicate it's functionality.

I have a phone (LGL34C) that has really inaccurate location and i do a few things that require good location service (Ingress / Mapping wireless networks). To that end i did some research and came uppon a now defunct app called mockd (Cannot post links but googling for "Android GPSD Client" will get links to AppBrain and AppZoom that have information about it) that has been removed from the play store and whose website has gone away. This app connected to a remote GPSD server and used that as a location provider. This would be ideal for many applications where a more accurate GPS fix could be obtained with the use of a laptop with USB GPS receiver and a gpsd server.

If anyone still has the source for mockd sitting on their computer somewhere and could provide me a link that would be awesome! Otherwise if not where should i start looking for how to replicate it's functionality?