Default [Q] got lots of thing to share for Symphony W85 users

hello everyone lately i have been seeing that there is no thread or post about symphony w85 actually nobody is supporting this phone also i have seen people begging for stock roms or custom roms i used to do it too but no one was able to help me so i thought it would be great to support this phone all by myself so after some sort of research and hard work i have found and made lots of mods, tweaks, working stock roms , custom firmware's, how to unbrick or anything regarding this phone and i'm willing to share it with you guys but first i really need to know if there are any symphony w85 user and if anyone can support me to do more in the future??? because if there is no one interested or using this phone then there is no point to share them do not get me wrong try to understand even if there is at least 2 users that can support me then we can make a whole lot of things out this phone and help those desperate symphony w85 users SO PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW PLEASE DON'T BE SHY OR DO NOT HESITATE TO COMMENT... i cannot express how am i feeling about this phone i just want to support this phone as long as i live and i promise i will post VIDEO TUTORIALS, STEP BY STEP TUTORIALS, ask me anything about this phone !!!!!! i'm just too sick and tired of seeing no post about this phone!!!!

Thank you