Prompt [Q] Android Tablet to view the FIRST BOOT on a new computer build?

I'm just getting started on a new AMD build (desktop) and was wondering if my Android tablet could somehow display the load activity as the motherboard takes its first boot to BIOS (or of greater significance doesn't).

Because if it doesn't boot, I'd really like to leave my widescreen monitor connected to the old Pentium that I'm typing on right now, and available for getting help on the hardware forums I'm registered with (it's just easier to type with a physical keyboard, especially on something this technical).

I wont have my drive partitioned you see; I'll be on the motherboard's native BIOS & CMOS and my (2G DSL) WiFi. I've been studying the "remote monitor" apps on Google Play but their features appear to be reversed for my needs: Desktop >>to Tablet; no Tablet >>to (Motherboard). Am I getting the technology correct? somewhat confusing lol . . .

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