Default [Q] Problems After Fastboot Reset

So I considered posting this to other forums on other sites but given the slightly more advanced nature I thought XDA would be more appropriate.

Here is my issue:
I have a Droid Maxx, that is stock no root and is encrypted, the other day I went to run a factory data reset through fastboot and realized almost immediately the error in what I had done. Now when I boot up the phone it still asks for and encryption key but mine does not work, it is my understanding that through ADB a command of something along the lines of "erase user data" can be run and resolve this... but I have another issue. I had recently run another factory data reset and because of this my USB debugging is disabled and as far as I can tell that makes ADB pretty much useless.

So in summary I am trying to:

1. Enable USB debugging in some way other than through the phone menu because that is not an option.
2. If successful clear my user data and return my phone to a stock image.

I have all my data backed up so I don't care what happens to the data on the phone, I am just looking to get it back to a "out of the box/post factory data reset state". If there are other ways of accomplishing this than what I asked above then by all means let me know.

I could not seem to find anything here that led me in the right direction so my apologies if this has already been discussed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.