Unhappy [Q] Qmobile Noir A110 internal memory problem!

Hi, i have a Qmobile Noir A110(its a chinese company,you can google it) and it has 175 internal memory. The problem is that its gets full after every hour and i have it tells me: "storage space running out. Some system functions may not work". If i dont clear data out of apps like facebook and messenger, after a while it will say that phone storage full and i cant run any app. This is getting really frustrating. Whenever i download apps, it says that insufficient memory on internal storage but my SD card has plenty of space. I have android 4.2.2 and there isnt a "preferred install location" option in the settings. I also did the android SDK thing which you can do to set the default install location to the external storage but still no luck. I heard that flashing a custom ROM is helpful so i rooted my phone using Mobogenie but i got completely lost at the flashing,unlocking bootloader etc. Can anyone tell me the solution to this? it will be really helpful.