Default [RECOVERY][TWRP][IDEA] TWRP Recovery Web Browser

Hey Guys!

So I'm kind of a bit new here but let's get started :P
So with some past issues coming to mind I was thinking, what if there was a recovery that featured a web browser?

When it comes down to it, it would have to include featuring WiFi connection options and such, I don't really know all too much about how recovery mode works but I figure that if it's possible, it can be done. This sprang from an idea I had earlier about forgetting in which order I'm supposed to flash certain zips. For example, my PC won't recognise my phone via USB, but if I can connect to the internet in recovery to download the flash files I need for my phone

I understand circumstances such as memory usage and partition size requirements, etc. But I just needed some word from the community here at XDA, possibly stir up a discussion, and maybe we could make some innovation!

So, Thoughts on this guys?

Open to thoughts and suggestions