Default [Request]App/Command to fix screen orientation

Hello Everyone.

I would like to ask some skilled programmer for an app,which will set the orientation depending on accelerometer/gyro.
I don't want to use autorotation! I need it to do it manually
I bought an Pressy-like button,however it hasn't this feature in setting software. It can only start an app.
For this I have requests:
- autorotation is permanently disabled
- icon must appear in app drawer
- while starting this app,it should read the position of the device and force orientation depending on that in all 4 ways(even upside-down)
Nothing else is needed from this tiny app.
I can imagine,this can be only some kind of service,that does its job and quits,all without any window opened.

I am not as skilled programmer for services,so I want to ask some good man to do it for me.

Thanks a lot in future.
Samsung Galaxy Note JellyBean
Touch Pro @ EnergyROM WM6.5
Himalaya WM6 @ 7.0b.40CS
Typhoon WM6.1,Hurricane WM2003SE,Oxygene WM5,Toshiba Portege G710 WM6
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