Phone ROM Stock Prestiguio PAP5400 Duo Black (Briked)

help please, after rooting my black 5400 Duo Multiphone prestige uninstall an application with Chinese lyrics and aora remains caught in the boot logo, the manufacturer only gives patches of 10.7 to 10.10 but not the complete stock rom, neither programming need to revive this paperweight with logo prestige did several wipes but does nothing, he's dead, I guess using architecture MTK although I do not know if this march is or is not Chinese, if it finds custom roms with cyanogenmod or something similar ... I was content not even know how to flash the cwm no download mode nor draivers modem to flash, it is a nuisance, the phone is packaged, and the warranty is not going to make fee changes , help please help, cost me $ 160 and only have a week, still smells new