Default [Q] Safestrape my i537 running 4.4.2

Hi, I'm new posting here though I've utilized your methods and wisdom for both my skyrocket and my droidx in the past. I have a i537 running 4.4.2 that I've rooted with towelroot and now I'm trying to instal safestrap 3.73 but around line 10 either the instructions get vague or I'm not a smart as I think I am

"9.Agree to the disclaimer that you won't try to sue me and hunt me down with a rifle if you manage to break your phone..
10.Then use the "Install Recovery" button. You should see the current version down in the lower left corner of the window. And the "Status:" should say "Installed" when you're done.
11.From there you can reboot and you *should* see a new splash screen during the boot up. While this is showing you can enter Safestrap Recovery using the [ menu ] button"

Use the "Install Recovery" button to do what? I do what the directions say but nothing changes. It says "not installed". Could I have a little clarity please? You guys do awesome stuff and I'm not bitching but what am I missing? Help


i537 stock rooted