Storage [Q] Samsung Galaxy SII Problem - I am freaking out


I am really scared, because I don't know what I did

Point is I own a Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) and a 16GB micro SD card. My phone was rooted and working fine till this morning when I decided to do more experiments. I formatted my entire phone, hoping to load the newest nightly (cyanogenmod) and 4.4.4 gapps.

But now when I put my microSD card in my adapter to format the card instead of 16GB it shows 30.6 MB in the computer and I can't access the card to copy the files.

I use a Mac 10.9.4

I want to now buy a 32 GB micro sd card and load everything on it and then flash it on the CWM I suppose. What files do I need to copy to the new micro SD card or is there a way out with the old one to make it work?

I am really confused and scared. Looking for your help.