Default [Q] Samsung GT-S5300 - home button, display and vibration broken

Hello to you guys from XDA.

The situation is the following: I have a small Samsung Galaxy Pocket that has its home button broken. It simply does nothing when I press it.

And I also have another issue. The phone doesn't vibrate anymore. It all started in the end of the last year... Maybe the vibrator motor is dead?

But I tried to open my phone (and I actually did manage to open it) and I ended up severing the display flat cable. So instead of having only one issue I have three. And the worse: my phone is already out of warranty - it has been more than a year since I bought it.

And I actually found out that the home button is part of the motherboard itself, not a separate piece like in newer Samsung phones, and that the vibrator motor is placed together with the loudspeaker and the GPS receiver in a single, removable assembly.

So, I know that the display can be replaced, but what about the vibrator and the home button? Can they be fixed? And if yes, should I spend my money with that or should I leave this all aside and buy a new phone? What do you guys think?

Note: I'm posting my question here because my phone doesn't have a forum on XDA. I hope you understand.

My devices:

Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300B [Broken]
- ROM: Stock GB 2.3.6/Touchwiz 3.0 ROM
- Kernel: vM00 Kernel

Acer Aspire E1-421
- Android-x86 4.4.2
- Windows 8.1 Update 1

My current projects:
- J.A.T.W.R. (Just Another TouchWiz ROM) - For Android 2.3.x Samsung phones (WIP) (No official thread yet)